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What to eat if you are afraid of the cold? What causes it?

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When the cold season comes, many people are afraid of the cold. Especially the elderly and some women account for more than 80% of the people who are afraid of the cold. This is related to the insufficient kidney qi of these people. It can be treated with some drugs, such as the Chinese patent medicine Jin Guishenqi Pill is a good medicine for regulating sensitivity to cold. In addition to drug treatment, you can eat some foods in your daily life to regulate it.

Everyone knows that hot foods include mutton, dog meat, etc., which can be made into soup or cooked. In fact, there are many hot foods in life that everyone does not know about, and they also have a good warming effect. The prices of these ingredients are relatively affordable. , I would like to introduce it to you here.

1. Black dates

The most popular dried dates are black dates and candied dates. Their iron content per 100 grams is between 3.7 and 3.9 mg. They are also considered to be good kidney-tonifying foods. Dried dates are also rich in vitamin C, which promotes iron ions. An important factor in absorption, allowing the body to absorb iron twice the result with half the effort. However, dried dates are rich in dietary fiber, which is not good for digestion, so it is not advisable to eat too much every day, and it is best to make soup or porridge.

2. Dried mulberries

Dried mulberries are currently the richest in natural iron among fruits and their products, containing 42.5 mg of iron per 100 grams. They are worthy of the title of "kidney-tonifying fruit" among fruits. It is generally recommended to cook dried mulberries into porridge. Eating a bowl of mulberry porridge every day can not only nourish the kidneys, but also improve beauty. However, pregnant women should use it with caution.

3. Purple raisins

Purple grapes are a good kidney-tonifying fruit. After the grapes are dried, the iron content is 9.1 mg per 100 grams. Moreover, during the drying process of grapes, the grape skins are retained to the maximum extent (the nutritional content of grape skins is much higher than that of the pulp), which is also conducive to the retention of some stable nutrients in raisins, such as iron, zinc, manganese, protein, and antioxidants. Matter, etc.

In winter in the northern region, it is really cold, and there is a saying that it is impossible to go out with a stick. For people who are afraid of the cold, it is really difficult. Don't think that being afraid of the cold is not a big deal, just get over it. In fact, being afraid of cold can cause many diseases. If you are afraid of cold, you should adjust and replenish it early. You can eat more of the above foods appropriately to improve your physical condition.