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Goose eggs cure gout

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Nowadays, more and more patients are suffering from gout. This disease is mainly caused by excessive uric acid in the blood. Suffering from this disease is closely related to diet. There are also many treatment methods among the people. Some people use goose eggs. To treat gout, you can eat goose eggs in small amounts. However, using goose eggs to treat gout is unscientific and may easily cause the recurrence of gout. Let us learn more about this knowledge in detail.

Gout is caused by a metabolic disorder of purine in the human body, which increases the synthesis or decreases the excretion of uric acid (the oxidative metabolite of purine), resulting in hyperuricemia. When the blood uric acid concentration is too high, uric acid is deposited in the form of sodium salts. In joints, soft tissues, cartilage and kidneys, it causes foreign body inflammatory reactions in tissues. Gout symptoms are mainly divided into: acute gout symptoms, intermittent gout symptoms, and chronic gout symptoms. If blood uric acid continues to increase, gout will suddenly attack and gouty arthritis will break out.

Gout often attacks suddenly, and the affected area hurts like a knife or burning, and is red, swollen, high-heat, and painful, and cannot be touched. Some patients may develop joint swelling and hydrops, and yellow turbid fluid will appear when the fluid is extracted. Colchicine treatment can achieve good results when gout attacks occur. Indomethacin, glucocorticoids, etc. can be used when necessary. During the period between attacks, it is necessary to control a high-purine diet and take allopurinol to reduce blood uric acid levels. This needs to be taken for a long time. Gout patients cannot eat goose eggs, because goose eggs have the same properties as goose meat, and goose meat is sweet, moist, and greasy. Eating too much can promote heat and hinder dampness, causing recurrence.

Gout is mainly caused by excessive uric acid. In the acute stage of gout, diclofenac sodium can be treated under the guidance of local doctors. After the symptoms are controlled, profanosil or benzbromarone can be used to control the blood uric acid level. It can be used during the attack period. Fenbid, colchicine, short-term use of prednisone, and sodium bicarbonate tablets to alkalize urine. Some traditional Chinese medicines can also be used for treatment, such as kudzu root, light bamboo leaves, etc. Because the onset of the disease is often related to improper diet, catching a cold, overwork, etc., you need to: 1. Quit drinking and smoking 2. Avoid overwork and catching a cold and do some exercise 3. Shrimp, crabs, animal offal, and foods high in purine should be avoided Eat less spinach, beans and other foods. 4. Drink plenty of water to promote uric acid excretion. 5. Milk and eggs. Most vegetables and fruits are not limited. Kidneys are recommended for consumption. But the most important thing is your mentality, which must be good.