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What are the functions and functions of almonds? What are the functions and functions of almonds?

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Almonds are what are left after eating apricots. You can eat almonds, but eat them sparingly. Almonds have high nutritional value and are very helpful to the human body. Therefore, many people now like to eat almonds. But in When eating, we should also know the functions and functions of almonds, so that almonds can help us.

Almonds have many functions and effects, so we need to pay attention to many issues when eating them. Almonds can not only improve the body's immunity, but also play a very good role in strengthening physical fitness.

Benefits and functions of almonds:

1. Antitussive and antiasthmatic effects: Bitter almonds contain amygdalin. Amygdalin can be hydrolyzed by intestinal microbial enzymes or amygdalin contained in bitter almonds in the body, producing trace amounts of hydrocyanic acid and benzaldehyde. It has an inhibitory effect on the respiratory center and achieves antitussive and antiasthmatic effects.

2. Effect on the digestive system: Almonds are bitter and rich in fatty oil. Fatty oil can improve the lubrication effect of intestinal contents on the mucosa, so almonds have the function of moistening the intestines and laxative.

3. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects: The benzaldehyde produced by the decomposition of amygdalin reacts with benzoin condensation enzyme to generate benzoin. Benzoin has an analgesic effect, so some people in China use bitter almonds to treat advanced liver cancer, which can relieve the pain of patients, and some even do not need to take painkillers.

4. Anti-tumor effect: Some scholars believe that cancer cells contain a large amount of β-glucosidase, which can hydrolyze amygdalin to produce hydrocyanic acid (HCN), benzaldehyde and glucose. Because cancer cells lack thionitrile-generating enzyme, this enzyme has a detoxifying effect on HCN, turning HCN into non-toxic thionitrile compounds, while normal cells lack β-glucosidase and contain a large amount of thionitrile-generating enzyme. According to this theory, amygdalin should be able to selectively kill cancer cells while leaving almost no harm to normal cells.

5. Hypoglycemic effect: Amygdalin has the effect of preventing and treating diabetes caused by the anti-tumor drug alloxan. The alloxan-induced hyperglycemia method in mice was used to prove that the blood glucose was measured 48 hours after intraperitoneal injection of 3g/kg amygdalin. The results showed that amygdalin can specifically inhibit the increase in blood sugar caused by alloxan, and the intensity of the effect is similar to that of amygdalin in the blood. related to the concentration of laetrile.

6. Blood lipid-lowering effect: Clinical reports show that almonds can significantly reduce the blood lipid levels of patients with hyperlipidemia. Spiller (1990) believed that the monounsaturated fatty acids in almonds can help reduce patients’ mildly elevated blood lipids, and there is no need for strict restrictions. diet.

7. Cosmetic effect: According to the theory of lung combined with fur, some skin diseases can be clinically treated by Xuanfei method, and when combined with almonds, quick effects are often achieved. Modern research has proven that the fatty oil contained in bitter almonds can soften the stratum corneum of the skin, moisturize and protect skin, protect nerve endings, blood vessels, tissues and organs, and inhibit bacteria. In addition, HCN generated by enzymatic hydrolysis can inhibit active tyrosinase in the body, eliminate pigmentation, freckles, dark spots, etc., thereby achieving beauty effects.

Almonds have many functions and effects, and they are very helpful to the human body. When we eat almonds, we can also feel the help they bring to us. We should not eat too many almonds every day, which is harmful to the body. It is very harmful. Eating it in moderation is beneficial to the absorption and digestion of nutrients in the body, so there is a way to eat almonds!