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What type of tea does oolong tea belong to? How to brew oolong tea correctly?

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Tea is a favorite choice of many people. Such products have unique charms. Tea is very helpful in treating human diseases. For example, it can lower blood pressure and blood lipids. Moreover, drinking tea for a long time can also regulate various aspects of the body, so tea is a good choice. Some teas can also be chosen for weight loss, so tea is a good choice in life. So what kind of tea does oolong tea belong to?

What kind of tea does oolong tea belong to? This type of tea is also very common, but many people don’t know much about this kind of tea. Therefore, when choosing this kind of tea, you must be careful not to drink it casually, and first understand the best .

What kind of tea does oolong tea belong to:

In fact, oolong tea, also known as green tea and semi-fermented tea, is a unique tea category among several major tea categories in China. Therefore, oolong tea is not green tea, and oolong tea is a high-quality tea made after processes such as greening, withering, shaking, semi-fermentation, and baking.

In the past, many people couldn't tell whether oolong tea was green tea or not, probably because green tea and oolong tea are produced from the same tea tree. However, the biggest difference is whether it has gone through the fermentation process. Because the catechins in tea will combine with each other as the fermentation temperature increases, causing the color of the tea to become darker, but the astringency of the tea will also be reduced. The components formed by the combination of these catechins are the polyphenols of oolong tea. Polyphenols and catechins, which have antioxidant effects, can affect the activation of various enzymes in our bodies. About half of the catechins contained in tea leaves are converted into the polyphenols of oolong tea. Therefore, under the dual effects of the antioxidant effect of catechins and oolong tea polyphenols, oolong tea shows various effects that green tea does not have.

The excellent quality of oolong tea is firstly the selection of fresh leaves of excellent varieties of tea trees as raw materials, strict control of picking standards for oolong tea; secondly the extremely fine production process. The production procedures include drying, shaking, fixing, wrapping, kneading, and drying. Oolong tea is divided into three subcategories: "beating green tea", "shaking green tea" and "hand green tea" due to different methods of making green tea.

The efficacy and function of oolong tea (1)

To lose weight with oolong tea, drink one cup before and after three meals. It is best to drink hot tea without sugar. Moreover, do not drink it immediately after a meal. It is more appropriate to drink it about 1 hour apart. Drinking tea should also adapt to your personal constitution. If you feel uncomfortable after drinking tea, such as stomachache or inability to sleep, it is best to stop in moderation. When making tea, the water temperature should be controlled at around 80℃-90℃; the brewed tea should be drank within 30-60 minutes, otherwise the nutrients in the tea will be oxidized.

The efficacy and function of oolong tea (2)

Oolong tea can reduce serum neutral fat and cholesterol; clinical experiments on delaying aging also suggest that oolong tea can increase SOD enzyme activity. It can be inferred that oolong tea probably has certain health care effects on the skin. As indicators of healthy skin, the following can be cited, such as the skin being moist, elastic, tense, and having good blood circulation, etc. The following experiments were further conducted to determine the impact of fat metabolism and reactive oxygen species removal on skin health.

In order to find out whether the drinking of oolong tea is related to skin beauty, we selected 73 healthy Chinese women aged 21 to 55 as subjects for a clinical experiment. Let each person drink 4g of oolong tea every day, once in the morning and afternoon, 2g each time, for 8 consecutive weeks. Then observe the changes in sebum amount and water retention capacity, and use the changes as an indicator of the drinking effect.

Through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of what kind of tea oolong tea belongs to. This kind of tea is also more helpful to the human body. It has a very good effect on improving human skin, so when choosing this kind of tea, , you can choose with confidence, there will be no harm to human health.