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What pot should I use to make soup? When is the best time to add salt?

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Soup is a favorite of many people, and there are many types of soup. Different soups contain different nutritional values, and there are also big differences in the selection of ingredients. The most common one is vegetable soup. Such soup is good for replenishing the body. Vitamins have very good effects. At the same time, this type of soup is relatively simple to make, so it is a good choice. But what kind of pot should be used to make soup? This is something that many people don’t know much about.

Which pot to use for making soup also depends on the type of soup you choose to make. When making some soups, the choice of pot is also very important. This will greatly improve the taste and nutrition of the soup, so the pot must be Choose carefully.

What pot to use for making soup:

Pressure cooker:

Save fire and electricity. The pressure cooker can cook food quickly in the shortest time without destroying the nutrients. It is suitable for raw materials that have a tough texture and are not easy to boil until they become soft. However, the food placed in the pressure cooker should not exceed the highest water level in the pot, otherwise the internal pressure will be insufficient and the food cannot be cooked quickly.

Stew pot:

Suitable for keeping hot soup warm. The biggest feature of the stew pot is that the raw materials are put into the inner pot to boil, and then put into the outer pot to simmer until cooked. Therefore, you can easily cook more time-consuming ingredients. When cooking in a stew pot, the amount of food you put in should not be too little, but should be full.

Stainless steel soup pot:

Suitable for cooking soup and spoons. Stainless steel soup pots have a large capacity and are resistant to cooking chicken soup, pork rib soup, etc. that require a long time to cook. However, the soup cooked in this pot is lighter and does not have the original flavor like the soup cooked in a casserole.


It is suitable to maintain the original flavor of the soup. Casserole can withstand high temperatures and long periods of simmering, requiring low heat and slow simmering. The casserole can make the soup rich, delicious, and maintain its original flavor without losing any of its original nutrients, but it has poor thermal conductivity and is prone to cracking.

Through the above introduction, we also have a good understanding of what pot to use for making soup. Therefore, when making soup, we cannot choose the pot at will. This will not be helpful for making soup, and we want the soup to be cooked. It is very delicious, and can be simmered slowly during the production process to make the taste even more delicious.