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What is good for people with rheumatoid arthritis? What are the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

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We are all very worried about rheumatoid patients. We are worried that if we accidentally eat something wrong, it may aggravate the condition and cause more serious diseases. There is a very important connection between the dietary environment and rheumatoid. We must be strict with rheumatoid patients. Take control of our mouths and pay good attention to our diet. Let’s learn about what to eat for rheumatoid arthritis that is good for our bodies.

Rheumatoid arthritis deeply troubles us people with bone and joint diseases. People live in deep pain. How can we relieve this pain? This is really a question for everyone with rheumatoid arthritis. Regarding the problems of patients with arthritis, let’s take a look at what aspects of diet should be paid attention to when it comes to arthritis.

Firstly, patients with rheumatoid arthritis should choose foods high in protein, high in vitamins and easy to digest to increase their appetite as much as possible, so that the nutrients and energy in the diet can meet the needs of the body and ensure the needs of the day.

Secondly, patients with rheumatoid arthritis should not take foods that are detrimental to their condition, as well as highly irritating foods. You should also eat less sugar and fat. Fatty foods can increase blood lipids and cholesterol, cause hardening of blood vessels in the heart and brain, and also damage the spleen and stomach function to some extent. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis should also consume less salt than normal people because excessive salt intake can cause sodium retention.

1. Eat less dairy products such as milk and goat milk, and foods containing tyrosine, phenylalanine and tryptophan such as peanuts, chocolate, millet, cheese, toffee, etc., as they can produce prostaglandins, mediators that cause arthritis. , leukotrienes, tyrosine kinase autoantibodies and anti-milk IgE antibodies, etc., can easily cause allergies and cause arthritis to aggravate, relapse or worsen.

2. Eat less fatty meat, high animal fat and high cholesterol foods. The ketone bodies, acids, arachidonic acid metabolites and inflammatory mediators produced by them can inhibit the function of T lymphocytes and easily cause and aggravate joint pain and swelling. , bone decalcification and joint destruction.

3. Eat less sweets, as sugar can easily cause allergies, aggravate the development of joint synovitis, and easily cause joint swelling and pain.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, tea and other beverages, and be careful to avoid passive smoking, which can aggravate arthritis.

5. You can eat more animal blood, eggs, fish, shrimp, soy products, potatoes, beef, chicken and beef tendon meat in moderation, and other foods rich in histidine, arginine, nucleic acid and collagen.

It seems that the above introduction to various diets for rheumatoid arthritis will definitely give you a new understanding of your own diet. In fact, rheumatoid arthritis is not a serious disease, but you must pay more attention to it if you get the disease. Everyone must pay close attention to themselves. Eat a healthy diet to stay away from rheumatoid problems. I wish everyone a speedy recovery.