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How to cook sea cucumber and sea cucumber with green onion. How to cook sea cucumber and sea cucumber with green onion.

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Chinese food culture has a long history, and we should understand the history of food. Braised sea cucumber with green onions is one of the very classic dishes in Shandong and is a dish with Chinese characteristics. Sea cucumbers are fresh, soft and delicious, but because they are difficult to find in quantity, they are rare and expensive. Green onions are often used by Chinese chefs as condiments in delicacies. Green onions can mainly remove the meaty smell. Braised sea cucumber with green onion can arouse the desire for delicious food.

As the name suggests, the main ingredients for grilled sea cucumber with green onions are green onions and sea cucumbers, cooked with seasonings. So what are the specific functions of this dish? Let us learn more about the detailed introduction of sea cucumber roasted with green onions through this article.

Braised sea cucumber with green onion is mainly made of steamed sea cucumber and scallions. The sea cucumber is fresh, soft and fragrant, and the green onions are fragrant. The green onions have a mellow aroma and are rich in nutrients. There is no residual juice after eating.

Sea cucumber is as famous as ginseng, bird's nest and shark's fin, and is one of the eight treasures in the world. Sea cucumber is not only a precious food, but also a valuable medicinal material. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", sea cucumber is sweet and salty in taste, nourishes the kidneys, replenishes the essence, absorbs urine, aphrodisiacs and treats impotence. Its nature is warm and tonic, and it can nourish the enemy, hence the name sea cucumber. Modern research shows that sea cucumbers can improve memory, delay gonad aging, prevent arteriosclerosis, diabetes and anti-tumor effects.

Sea cucumbers can be divided into many types: sea cucumbers, black cucumbers, light cucumbers and plum blossom cucumbers. The sea cucumbers produced along the coast of Shandong are top-grade sea cucumbers. Another reason why sea cucumbers are so valuable is that sea cucumbers are born on the sandy bottom of shallow sea reefs and like to grow in places with luxuriant seagrass. When harvesting, artificial diving is required to catch them one by one, which is laborious and rarely harvested. Rare is expensive.

Sea cucumber is known as a good food therapy product. Regular consumption is very beneficial to curing diseases and strengthening the body. Sea cucumbers contain chondroitin sulfate, which helps human body growth and development, delays muscle aging, and enhances the body's immunity. The content of the trace element vanadium in sea cucumbers ranks first among all foods. It can participate in the transportation of iron in the blood and enhance hematopoietic function. Recently, American researchers extracted a special substance from sea cucumbers - sea cucumber toxin. This compound can effectively inhibit the growth and metastasis of various molds and certain human cancer cells.

Eating sea cucumbers has good effects on aplastic anemia, diabetes, gastric ulcers, etc. Sea cucumber is warm in nature, sweet and salty in taste, and has the functions of nourishing yin and kidney, strengthening yang and replenishing essence, nourishing heart and moistening dryness, nourishing blood, and curing ulcers.

Green onions are a health-preserving condiment that warms the yang energy. As a condiment, the main function of green onions is to remove greasy and thick flavors such as meat, fishy meat, and mutton, as well as odors in dishes, and produce a special fragrance. It also has a strong bactericidal effect. The medical community believes that onions can lower cholesterol and prevent respiratory and intestinal infectious diseases. Regular consumption of onions also has certain brain-building effects. Onion extracted from green onions has a good effect on cardiovascular sclerosis, and can also enhance the solubility of fibrinoprotein and reduce blood lipids.

Through the detailed introduction in this article, we can not only understand the classification and benefits of sea cucumbers. The article also lists green onions as a condiment that can help people maintain their health. Braised sea cucumber with green onions combines these two main ingredients. Not only is the combination suitable, but it also reflects the nutrition and efficacy of sea cucumbers roasted with green onions.