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Effects and functions of nectarines Nectarine pictures

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Speaking of nectarines, everyone knows that they are also a type of peach, but they are a variation of ordinary peaches. Its skin is smoother than that of ordinary peaches and has no peach hairs, which is why people like to eat nectarines. And the taste of nectarines is also very good. Although it is slightly more sour than ordinary peaches, nectarines also have unique nutritional value. What are the functions and functions of nectarines.

Nectarines are very convenient to eat. Both children and the elderly prefer nectarines. The main reason is that it will not be troubled by peach hairs. So which one is better between the efficacy and function of nectarines and ordinary peaches? Let’s first talk about the efficacy and functions of nectarines.

1. Replenish qi and blood, nourish yin and promote fluid production

Nectarines have the effect of replenishing qi and blood, nourishing yin and promoting body fluid. It is especially suitable for people who suffer from deficiency of qi and blood, yellow complexion, thin muscles, palpitations and shortness of breath after serious illness.

2. Suitable for patients with iron deficiency anemia and edema.

Nectarines have a high iron content and are an ideal supplementary food for patients with iron deficiency anemia. In addition, nectarines contain more potassium and less sodium, making them suitable for patients with edema.

3. Helps the body to supplement vitamin C

Rich in vitamin C, nectarines are improved and cultivated from peaches. They are sweeter than peaches and more nutritious. One fresh nectarine contains almost as much vitamin C as an adult needs for a day. Vitamin C not only helps the body absorb iron and maintain the immune system, but is also essential for the synthesis of collagen, an important component of the skin. Collagen can also promote wound scarring and is very important for wound healing.

4. Peach kernel relieves cough and lowers blood pressure

Peach kernel extract has anticoagulant effects and can inhibit the cough center to relieve cough. It can also lower blood pressure and can be used as an auxiliary treatment for patients with hypertension.

5. Peach kernel can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis

In addition, peach kernels also have the functions of activating blood circulation, removing blood clots, moisturizing the intestines and laxative, and can be used as auxiliary treatment for amenorrhea, bruises, etc.

We have given you the answer to the introduction of the functions and functions of nectarines. Although nectarines are a variant of ordinary peaches, their skin is smoother and their color is brighter than ordinary peaches. The flesh of nectarines is relatively crisp, and the juice of nectarines will be less. But the nutritional value of nectarines is also very high.