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Can I drink coffee during my period? What are the effects of drinking coffee during my period?

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Can I drink coffee when I am on my period? I believe this is a question that many friends will ask. Coffee is a must-have drink for many office workers nowadays. Moreover, coffee has a refreshing effect. Many people choose to drink coffee to relieve fatigue when they are sleepy. However, coffee cannot be drunk all the time, and female friends cannot drink it casually during their period. As for why you can’t drink it when you’re on your period? Let me introduce it to you below.

Coffee has strong caffeine, which can bring a lot of help to all of us in normal times. Moreover, it is more pleasant to drink coffee with friends when you have nothing to do. However, you should pay attention when you are on your period. You cannot drink coffee when you are on your period.

Coffee is a neutral to hot food, not cold. Drinking it during menstruation will not cause cold stimulation. However, coffee contains caffeine, which has a stimulating effect and is not conducive to uterine contraction. Can I drink coffee during my period? After menstruation is over, drinking a cup of black coffee without sugar every day will also help you lose weight.

Women who drink too much coffee for a long time are prone to myocardial infarction. Drinking coffee before menstruation can cause breast swelling and pain, cause anxiety, irritability, and emotional instability. It also consumes vitamin B stored in the body, thus destroying carbohydrate metabolism.

Drinking coffee is not good. Coffee will increase estrogen in the body and aggravate some gynecological diseases, such as endometriosis and breast swelling. More importantly, it will also affect fertility. Drinking coffee during menstruation will significantly increase the estrogen in the body, affect the number of eggs in the ovaries, age the ovaries, and accelerate the aging of all human body functions.

The above is an explanation of whether you can drink coffee when you are on your period. I hope female friends or male friends who don’t know should pay attention and remind the female friends around you not to drink coffee when you are on your period to avoid causing bad effects on your body. Drinking coffee at the right time can help our bodies, but special treatment is required during special periods and we cannot do as we please.