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Food calories Food calorie list complete version

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First of all, everyone needs to know what a unit of calories is. Calories are a unit used to measure the calories of food. It is important for people to understand the range of calories in food. Many people may not be familiar with this unit, but for some people who want to lose weight, they must be quite familiar with it. In the process of losing weight, know how to take in the nutrients your body needs and not take in too many calories, which will turn into fat.

To understand the calories in food, you must know how to learn this knowledge. If you are a person who is trying to lose weight, you need to know the calories of some common foods in your life. This will be helpful to your weight loss. Let’s take a look right away.

Staple food:

1 bowl of white rice (140g) 210 White steamed bun (1 piece) 280 calories

Pancakes 100g 333 calories Steamed buns (steamed, standard flour) 100g 233 calories

Hanamaki 100g 217 calories Xiao Long Bao (5 small pieces) 200 calories

Meat bun (1 piece) 250 calories Dumplings (10 pieces) 420 calories

One vegetable bun has 200 calories; one curry dumpling has 245 calories

Pork dumplings are 40 calories per serving, and egg pancakes are 255 calories per serving.

A red bean paste bun has 215 calories, and a fresh meat bun has 225-280 calories.

*One shabu-shabu has 160 calories. Two small fried buns have about 220 calories.

1 box of leeks, 260 calories, 100 grams of spring rolls, 463 calories

100 grams of sesame seed cakes, 326 calories, 1 stick of fried dough sticks, 230 calories

A bowl of peanut and tofu pudding has 180 calories, and 100 grams of three fresh tofu puddings has 240 calories.

Siomai 100g 238 calories Soup dumpling 100g 238 calories

Pancake 100g 225 calories White water sheep head 100g 193 calories

Aiwowo 100g 190 calories Aiwowo 100g 190 calories

White toast (1 slice) 130 calories

1 bowl of rice noodle soup 185 calories 100g vermicelli 335 calories

Fenpi 100g 64 calories jelly 100g 37 calories

100 grams of vermicelli, 336 calories, a bowl of rice noodles with meat soup, 350 calories

A bowl of rice noodle soup has 185 calories. A bowl of fried rice noodles has 275 calories.

Cantonese porridge 400 calories, preserved egg and lean meat porridge 1 bowl 367 calories

1 fish rice ball 205 calories jelly (with seasoning) 100g 50 calories

100 grams of yuba skin, 489 calories. 100 grams of yuba skin, 489 calories.

Tofu skin 100g 409 calories Guilin fermented bean curd 100g 204 calories

Shredded tofu 100g 201 calories Dried smoked tofu 100g 153 calories

Sauce tofu 100g 151 calories Dried fragrant 100g 147 calories

Dried tofu 100g 140 calories Shanghai South Milk 100g 138 calories

Dried vegetables 200g 136 calories Fermented bean curd (white) 100g 133 calories

Stinky tofu 100g 130 calories Northern tofu 100g 98 calories

Sour soy milk 100g 67 calories Kanan tofu 100g 57 calories

Dried sweet potatoes 100g 612 calories Potato flour 100g 337 calories

Sweet potato powder 100g 336 calories Barley 100g 307 calories

White potato (white heart) 100g 64 calories White potato (red heart) 90g 99 calories

Tofu brain (braised) 100g 47 calories Soybean juice (raw) 100g 10 calories

One mung bean bulge 320 calories Red bean filling 100g 274 calories

Fried liver 100g 96 calories Camellia oleifera 100g 94 calories

Tea soup 100g 92 calories Adzuki bean porridge 100g 61 calories

Black wheel skewer 90kcal Pig blood cake skewer 130kcal

Fish plate is 60kcal per skewer, corn on the cob is 100kcal per skewer

A piece of fried tofu is 80kcal, and a skewer of meatballs is 100kcal.

Mushroom balls 90kcal per skewer Egg balls 90kcal per skewer

Donaz 70kcal per skewer Chicken rolls 70kcal per skewer

A skewer of lobster sticks is 95kcal. A skewer of five-flavor balls is 80kcal.

Bean drum: 100 grams 244 calories


One egg (58 grams, larger) has 86 calories (egg white 16 calories, egg yolk 59 calories). Fried eggs have a lot more calories than boiled or poached eggs.

Duck eggs (large, 65g) 114 calories

(Large, 85 g). 180 calories fat 13 g cholesterol 565 mg

Salted duck eggs 88g 190 calories calcium 118 fat 12.7 protein 12.7

Quail eggs (10g) 16 calories

Turkey eggs (80g) 135 calories

Preserved egg (chicken) 83g 178 calories

Preserved egg (duck) 90g 171 calories 1 fried egg 136 calories

2 slices of lean ham (60g) 70 calories

1 piece of plain chicken (100g) 200 calories

Roast duck 3 taels (120g) 1 serving 356 calories

Pan-fried pork (140g) 440

Ham 100g 320 calories Sausage 100g 508 calories

2 wax sausages, fried 310

Lamb front leg 100g 111 calories 19.7g protein

Mutton back 100g 102 calories 15.5g protein

Sheep tripe: 100g 87 calories 12.2g

Lamb tongue 100g 225 calories

Mutton kebab (fried) 100g 217 calories

Lamb (cooked) 100g 215 calories Lamb breast: 100g 215 calories

Sheep blood: 100g 57 calories 6.8g cholesterol 92 mg fat 0.2g

Lamb liver: 134g 17.9g

100 grams of pig blood 55 calories

Pork strips: 100g 233 calories

Pig ears 100g 190 calories 22.5g protein

Pork trotters (cooked) 43g 260 calories Pork (fat) 100g 816 calories

Pork (blood neck) 90g 576 calories Pork (rib meat) 96g 568 calories

Pork (soft pork belly) 85g 349 calories Pork (hard pork belly) 79g 339 calories

Pork (front leg) 67g 338 calories

Beef: 100g 106 calories 10.2g

100 grams of tripe 72 calories

Beef floss 100g 445 calories Beef jerky 100g 550 calories

Chicken Zhen: 100g, 118 calories, 19.2g

Braised chicken 66g 215 calories

Roast chicken 73 grams 240 calories

Chicken liver 100g 121 calories 16.7g Chicken heart 100g 172 calories

Sand chicken 41 grams 147 calories Chicken drumsticks 69 grams 181 calories

Chicken blood 100 grams 49 calories Chicken wings: 69 grams 194 calories 17.4 g

One chicken wing (200g) 422 kcal

Chicken hearts: 172 calories 15.9 g

100 grams of cod 88 calories

Grouper 57g 320 calories protein 19.5g

Prawns 61g 93 calories 18.6g protein

The above is an introduction to the knowledge about food calories. I believe that after reading this, you will have a clearer understanding of calories. In addition to some people who are trying to lose weight and need to know the calories of food, some people with high levels of food also need to pay attention, because too high calories will pose a certain threat to their health.