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How to make shortbread cookies

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Thousand-layer puff pastry is mainly made using exquisite techniques. After pastry making, dough kneading, cake making or frying, etc., the puff pastry can be made. However, the method of making shortbread is still very particular. Let’s take a look at the knowledge involved in making shortbread.

There are many ways to make shortbread. One very common method is to use oolong tea or boiling water to brew the tea juice after the tea leaves have unfolded. Pick up some of the brewed tea leaves and drain the tea juice. At the same time, we have selected about fifteen very complete tea leaves for use, and the rest can be cut into fine pieces.

Make the pastry: Heat 250 grams of rapeseed oil in a pot, remove from the heat, slowly pour in 750 grams of white flour, stir quickly and evenly, remove from the pot and put it into a basin for later use. Serve the dough: Press the dough into a small round cake with a slightly thin center and a diameter of about 7 cm. Pour 50 grams of oil into the griddle, place the small round cakes in the griddle one by one, and the heat under the griddle should be evenly distributed. Scattered around. The firepower on the griddle is concentrated in the center of the griddle, so that the heart of the pastry can be lifted up and made to rise. After about 3 minutes, remove the griddle, pour 50 grams of clear oil on the shortbread, and change the positions one by one according to the fire color to prevent scorching. Then cover the top griddle. After 1 minute, turn the shortbread over and change the position until the fire color is reached. Evenly, both sides are crispy and brown and serve.

Kneading noodles: Pour all the remaining white flour into a basin; dissolve the alkaline noodles with 2.15 kilograms of water (60% cold water, 40% boiling water), first pour 60% alkaline water and mix the noodles repeatedly, then pour in Knead 25% warm water into a hard dough with a shiny surface, then sprinkle the remaining alkaline water into it, and press the dough with your fist to allow the alkaline water to penetrate into the dough. Then move the dough to the board and knead it hard until it is pliable, stretch it into a long strip, apply clear oil, and cut it into 100 dough pieces weighing about 65 grams. To prevent adhesion, apply some oil on each dough piece, and then Roll each piece into a strip of about 12 cm.

Making cakes: Flatten the dough into long strips, then use a small rolling pin to roll it into a piece of dough about 5 cm wide, spread 7.5 grams of pastry on each piece, sprinkle with 0.5 grams of pepper and salt, pick up the right side of the dough with your right hand, and push it outwards Pull it, then fold it in three folds, each fold is about 20 cm long, and then roll it from right to left. When rolling, use your right fingers to pull it slightly longer. Use two fingers of your left hand to support both sides of the dough sheet and pull it wide while pulling it. Roll into more than 10 layers, then stretch and thin the remaining noodles, spread with pastry, and twist into a snail shape (one shortbread must be stretched about 4 meters long).

There are actually many ways to make shortbread. We might as well understand these situations after reading the above knowledge. Moreover, the product feature of this kind of shortbread is actually golden yellow and it looks very clear. , crisp but not broken, oily but not greasy when eaten, crispy and delicious, I hope we can understand it.