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What is Buddha Jumping Over the Wall? What brand is it delicious?

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Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is a famous dish that many people know. Everyone has seen Buddha Jumps Over the Wall in many TV programs, but there are still many questions about this dish. People want to know what Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is. The delicious food is always so tempting, so people are very interested in the dish of Buddha Jumping Over the Wall. Today let’s find out what Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is a dish that people need to know about. This dish has a long history, is delicious, and is rich in nutritional value. The rich materials in it allow the delicious food to be fully released. So what is Buddha Jumping Over the Wall? ?

In fact, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is the name of a dish. According to legend, the dish originated during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty and has a history of two hundred years. This dish uses 18 main ingredients and 12 auxiliary ingredients. Its raw materials include chicken, duck, sheep, pig tripe, hoof tips, tendons, ham, chicken and duck gizzards; fish lips, shark fins, sea cucumbers, abalone, scallops, fish belly; and pigeon eggs, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoot tips, and razor clams. . More than 30 kinds of raw materials and auxiliary materials are processed and prepared separately, and then put into the jar in layers. The simmering vessel for Buddha Jumping Over the Wall has been using Shaoxing wine jars for many years. There are Shaoxing famous wines mixed with ingredients in the jars. Simmering Buddha Tiaoqiang pays attention to storing fragrance and preserving taste. After loading the ingredients into the altar, seal the mouth of the altar with lotus leaves and then cover it. The fire used to simmer Buddha Jumping over the Wall is strictly pure smokeless charcoal fire. It is boiled over a high fire and then simmered over a low fire for five or six hours. After simmering, open the jar and slightly lift the lotus leaves, and the aroma of wine will hit your nostrils. This vegetable soup is rich in color and brown, but thick but not greasy. When eating, the aroma of wine is mixed with various aromas, and the fragrance floats around. It is rotten but not rotten, and the taste is endless.

Today I have introduced to you in detail what Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is. Everyone also knows that there is a reason why a famous dish has been spread for so long. No matter what kind of dish it is, once you have mastered the secret, Make it authentic, so everyone can try it for themselves after understanding Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.