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Stewed old pigeon with green beans

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The dish of mung bean stewed with old songs has been very popular on the dining table in recent years. Mung beans have antidote properties and can relieve internal heat. The old pigeon has the effect of replenishing the body and replenishing qi and blood. It is especially suitable for patients recovering from serious illness or those who have just undergone surgery. It has a very significant effect on supplementing body nutrition. The combination of mung beans and old pigeons is both nutritious and heat-reducing, making it a favorite supplement for many people.

Dishes Features

Two old white pigeons, mung beans, raw rehmannia, candied dates, 3 slices of ginger, 3 red dates, appropriate amount of salt, 1/3 piece of Xinhui tangerine peel[1]


Put the above ingredients into a soup pot and bring to a boil over high heat, then turn to medium heat and simmer for 3 hours to season.

nutritional value

1. Old pigeons have less fat and sweet taste, and are easier to use than young squabs.

2. Remove the head and neck of old pigeons to avoid feeling irritable after eating.

3. Mung beans can clear away heat and detoxify. Hot weather is prone to prickly heat. Eating it has the effect of removing toxins from the skin.

Instructions for use


The nutritional value of pigeons is extremely high. It is not only a precious delicacy, but also a high-end nourishing product. Pigeon meat is a high-protein, low-fat food with a protein content of 24.47%. It contains higher amounts of calcium, iron, copper and other minerals and vitamin ABE than chicken, fish, beef, and mutton. Pigeon liver contains the best bile, which can help the body make good use of cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis. Pigeon meat is rich in pantothenic acid, which is very effective in preventing hair loss, gray hair and premature aging. Pigeon meat is rich in chondroitin, which can increase skin elasticity, improve blood circulation, and speed up wound healing. It’s okay to eat half of one (80-100g) every day!. The fat content of pigeon meat is only 73%, which is lower than other meats and is an ideal food for humans. Pigeon eggs are known as "animal ginseng" and are rich in protein. There is a folk saying in my country that "one pigeon is worth nine chickens".

Pigeon liver contains the best bile, which can help the body make good use of cholesterol and prevent and treat arteriosclerosis. Although people believe that pigeon soup and chicken soup can replenish the body, a large amount of fat in pigeon meat and chicken melts into the soup after being boiled. The oil in the soup cannot be fully digested and remains in the body. If a pregnant woman does not exercise regularly, it will lead to weight gain, weakness, and dizziness. Not only is it bad for pregnant women, it will also affect the baby in the long run. Pigeon meat is also rich in pantothenic acid, which has a good effect on hair loss, gray hair and premature aging. Squab contains more branched-chain amino acids and arginine, which can promote protein synthesis in the body and speed up wound healing. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pigeon meat is easy to digest, has the functions of nourishing qi, dispelling wind and detoxifying, and has a good tonic and therapeutic effect on post-illness frailty, blood deficiency, amenorrhea, dizziness, fatigue, and memory loss.