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What kind of wine is sweet white wine? What is the difference between white wine and red wine?

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Everyone says that drinking alcohol is harmful to the body, but drinking wine in moderation not only does not harm the body, but is also good for the body! Everyone knows about wine, but do you know? Wine is divided into many types, based on color. There are red wine, white wine and rosé wine. According to the amount of sugar, there are dry wine, semi-dry wine, semi-sweet wine and sweet wine. Let’s talk about sweet white wine.

Generally speaking, if a person just starts to learn to taste wine, he will like white wine that tastes a little sweet. In the market, sweet white wine is more common. If a person chooses sweet white wine, he will generally choose white wine instead of sweet red wine.

Sweet white wine refers to wine made from white grape varieties or fermented from red grape varieties without skins and with a residual sugar content greater than 45 grams per liter. During fermentation, the natural sugars in the grapes are converted into alcohol by yeast.

If the winemaker artificially stops fermentation before it is complete, part of the sugar in the grapes will remain, thereby increasing the residual sugar content of the wine and giving the wine a "sweet" taste. Generally speaking, sweet white wine can be divided into two categories according to the level of alcohol content: one is fortified sweet white wine, such as Spanish Sherry; the other is unfortified sweet white wine, with the alcohol content generally between Below 15%, such as German Riesling and French Sauternes.

Understanding wine and learning to taste wine is a comfortable and leisurely attitude towards life. It can not only add one's own temperament, increase one's own charm, gain more appreciation from others, but also maintain health and drink healthily. Take some time out of your busy work life to learn about wine culture and taste the taste of wine. If you decide, let’s start with sweet white wine.