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What to do if you feel sick to your stomach after drinking. New standards for drunk driving penalties in 2022

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In life, we often encounter situations where we drink. However, after drinking, some stomach discomfort will occur. Don’t panic when you encounter stomach discomfort after drinking. There are many solutions, mainly you can do some The sobering up part protects the gastric mucosa. You can drink more milk when drinking in daily life. If you feel uncomfortable after drinking, you must control the dosage of drinking.

If your stomach feels uncomfortable after drinking, you can also drink some liquid food that is good for digestion. If you feel stomach pain, try not to do it anymore. It will cause great irritation to the stomach. I would like to remind my friends that if you don’t need to drink, you should try to drink less, because if you drink, It has many effects on nausea and nausea.

Drink some milk to protect the gastric mucosa. Eat some porridge and side dishes, something light. Every time I drink, my stomach feels uncomfortable, but sometimes it’s impossible not to drink. I advise you not to drink, but it’s better not to drink. Drinking too much wine is harmful to the body. You should eat yogurt appropriately after drinking, which can help restore gastrointestinal function

If your stomach feels very uncomfortable after drinking alcohol, it is best to drink white flour porridge. If white flour porridge is not available, other porridges will also work. Just make sure to eat liquid food that is easy to digest, try not to make other porridges too thick, and don’t drink too much.

Celery juice can treat gastrointestinal discomfort and facial redness after drinking. This is because celery is rich in B vitamins, which can decompose alcohol.

If you feel stomach pain, you can take other stomach medicines if appropriate, but do not take painkillers, because painkillers have little effect on stomach pain.

If you feel nauseated or nauseous after drinking, you can also eat some fresh grapes to relieve hangover. If you eat grapes before drinking, it can also effectively prevent drunkenness.

The above is how to treat stomach discomfort after drinking. You can drink some milk or some liquid food with white porridge. At the same time, you can use some stomach medicine and fresh grapes according to the situation in daily life to achieve the purpose of hangover. It is still necessary to effectively prevent drunkenness. The phenomenon of drunkenness should be reminded in daily life. Drinking as little alcohol as possible is very harmful to the human body and the stomach.