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What are the porridges to replenish qi and blood in autumn?

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In autumn, the body is most vulnerable to weakness, and it is also the time when Qi and blood are most deficient. At this time, dietary adjustment is very important. There are many foods in the diet that have such effects and benefits. It is also most needed in autumn. When maintaining health, if the health-preserving soup used is inappropriate, it can easily cause discomfort and harm to the body. There are many kinds of porridges for replenishing qi and blood in autumn. Let’s take a look at what porridges are available for replenishing qi and blood in autumn?

Tremella and red dates soup

Tremella is also known as the "poor man's bird's nest". Although the bird's nest is edible, it is expensive. Tremella fuciformis is similar to bird's nest in color, taste, and efficacy, and is cheap. Therefore, it is called the poor man's bird's nest. Bird's nest is easy to get angry if it is too tonic. Tremella is a cooling tonic and moisturizing effect. Dryness and fire are like acute and chronic diseases. Fire comes and goes quickly. But the anger will turn into dryness if it is not dissipated for too long, so it is most effective to eat white fungus. Use dried longan, wolfberry, red dates and white fungus to make soup. The white fungus and red date soup is not only a delicious breast enlargement snack, but also makes your face white and rosy. , light and slim body.

Black glutinous rice blood-tonifying porridge

Black glutinous rice, longan and red dates are known to be good at nourishing blood. Coupled with yam, which has high nutritional value, the effect of nourishing qi and blood is even more significant. Remember to drink it every month. Black glutinous rice, red dates, longan, Yam, brown sugar, a little reminder, although longan can replenish blood and promote blood circulation, it is not easy to digest, so try to eat 7.8 pieces each time (friends with cold stomach can eat 2 pieces of red ginseng).

Shuanghong blood replenishing soup

500 grams of sweet potatoes, 10 grams of red dates, and appropriate amount of brown sugar. Add 2000 ml of water to the pot and bring to a boil. Add brown sugar when the sweet potatoes are cooked. This is a dessert often eaten in summer. If you like pumpkin, you can also replace the sweet potatoes with pumpkin.

Beauty-boosting papaya and white fungus soup

Add the white fungus, papaya, red dates and rock sugar. Boil the soaked white fungus, turn down the heat and simmer the red dates for half an hour. Add the rock sugar and papaya and bring to a boil before serving.

In autumn, you can drink some of this qi and blood porridge for yourself. This kind of food is very beneficial to the human body. If you don’t know how to make qi and blood porridge, you can make it in this way and let yourself eat it. As for the best porridge for replenishing qi and blood, it is best to use red dates and wolfberries to make porridge. This way the effect of replenishing qi and blood is better. When replenishing qi and blood, you should pay attention to the reasonable combination.