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What should not be taken for gastroenteritis? What medicine should be taken for symptoms of gastrointestinal inflammation?

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The gastrointestinal tract is an important place for everyone to digest food. Its health will greatly affect our overall health. Many friends who suffer from gastroenteritis don’t know how to eat to help treat the disease. This article In response to the issues that everyone is concerned about, let me tell you what you should not eat if you have gastroenteritis. I hope that after reading this article, you can make reasonable adjustments based on the actual situation.

What everyone needs to do when suffering from gastroenteritis is to treat them well. Treatment depends not only on drugs but also on good dietary care. Next, I will tell you about the best diet for gastroenteritis patients. I hope everyone can follow scientific and reasonable diet. Ways to adjust your diet and restore health as soon as possible.

Dietary taboos:

1. Avoid foods that are too cold, hot, hard, and spicy: These foods can irritate the gastric mucosa, damage the gastric mucosa, and aggravate mucosal lesions.

2. Pay attention to food hygiene, which is especially important in summer and autumn. Do not eat unclean food.

Dietary advice:

1. Eat light and easy-to-digest food: Try to make the food as fine, soft, broken, and rotten as possible. Use more methods such as steaming, boiling, and stewing to eliminate adverse irritation to the gastric mucosa.

2. Eat more foods containing high-quality protein and foods rich in fiber. If the patient is anemic, he should eat more iron-rich lean meats, animal offal, dark vegetables and fruits, etc.

3. When gastric acid is secreted too much, use milk, soy milk, bread or alkali-containing steamed buns to neutralize it. Atrophic gastritis generally has too little gastric acid secretion. You can eat more concentrated broth, chicken soup, sour juice, etc. to stimulate it. Gastric juice is secreted to aid digestion.

Once you suffer from gastroenteritis, you must learn to treat it as soon as possible and adjust your diet. So what should you not eat with gastroenteritis? I believe that you will already know more about it after reading the above article. I hope you can cure your disease as soon as possible. Taking the disease as the premise, treat it as soon as possible and recover as soon as possible. Only in this way can you live a better life, have a healthy body, and do better and better at work.