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What are the benefits of eating plum blossoms? The efficacy, function and practice of Hua Mei

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The nutritional components of Mei

  • heat quantity(kilocalorie)
  • 33
  • fat(gram)
  • 0.9
  • protein(gram)
  • 0.9
  • carbohydrate(gram)
  • 5.2
  • dietary fiber(gram)
  • 1
  • calcium(mg)
  • 11
  • iron(mg)
  • 1.8
  • Carotene(mcg)
  • 0.9
  • phosphorus(mg)
  • 36
  • retinol equivalent(mcg)
  • 91.1

Because it is a common snack when talking, chatting, and setting up the dragon gate formation, it is called Hua Mei. Originally, plums were used by storytellers to moisten their mouths. Because they talked for a long time and their mouths became dry, (it was not so convenient at that time and drinking water was readily available), they put a salted plum in their mouths. , the sour and salty taste stimulates the taste buds, causing saliva to secrete body fluids and filling the mouth, and then you can continue talking (the storyteller's "book" is called "Hua Ben", and its plums are also called "Hua Mei").

What are the benefits of eating plum blossoms? The efficacy, function and practice of Hua Mei

Nutritional value of plum blossoms

The dosage of infusion for every 100 kilograms of semi-dried fruit embryos is as follows: 2.5-3 kilograms of licorice; 3-5 kilograms of refined salt; 2-3 kilograms of cyclamate; 1-2 kilograms of citric acid; 100 grams of potassium sorbate; cinnamon, clove, and fennel powder 50 grams each. First wash the licorice, boil it with 30 kilograms of water and concentrate it to 20 kilograms. Filter the licorice juice, then add salt, citric acid, cyclamate and other ingredients to make the licorice infusion.

The efficacy and function of plum blossoms

Plums are beneficial to people. First of all, they are widely used in medicine. Huang Yao has this habit: when he has a headache, he puts dried plum meat on his belly button; he also boils the green plum juice and puts it in a bottle. Once he has a stomachache, he can dip it with chopsticks and taste it, and it will relieve the pain. Some people also soak the green plums in white wine, and after sealing them for a month, they become fragrant and delicious green plum wine. Drinking a little green plum wine regularly can treat rheumatic muscle and bone pain, sprains and lumbar muscle strains. Li Shizhen wrote in "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Plum, the fruit of blood, strengthens the stomach, astringes the lungs, warms the spleen, stops bleeding and phlegm, reduces swelling and detoxification, produces body fluids and quenches thirst, and cures chronic cough and diarrhea..."

Hua Mei’s approach

Plum and lotus root slices

Ingredients: 2 sections of lotus root, 20 plum blossoms. Appropriate amount of sour plum soup.


1. Cut the lotus root into thin slices, blanch it quickly in boiling water, pick it up quickly, and soak it in ice water; remove the cores of the plums, chop the plum meat into small pieces, and mix with the sour plum soup.

2. Take out the chilled lotus root slices, pour them into the sour plum soup, stir them together and serve on a plate.

Hua Mei Peanut

Ingredients: One pound of peanut kernels, one pack of plum blossoms (choose the sweet and sour plum variety, not the salty one that makes your mouth dry)


1. Boil the peanuts. Add cold water that has covered the peanuts to the soup pot. Bring to a boil over high heat, then turn to medium heat and simmer for ten minutes.

2. Put a pack of Tongxiang plums into the soup pot and cook together, turn to medium-low heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

3. The cooking time of the peanuts depends on your preference for the softness and hardness of the peanuts. Turn off the heat and let cool.

4. Put the peanuts and soup in the refrigerator for one night to fully absorb the nutrients. If you really can't wait, grab a handful and put them in your mouth.

Hua Mei Chicken Wings

Ingredients: 1 pound of chicken wings, a few plums, a few slices of ginger, salt, sugar, dark soy sauce to taste. If you don’t need chicken wings, you can also replace them with pork ribs or pork knuckles.


1. Marinate the chicken wings with a little pepper, rice wine, and a few slices of ginger for about half to an hour.

2. Fry the chicken wings until golden brown.

3. Pour the ingredients into the pot, add water to soak the chicken wings, and cook until the juice is reduced.

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