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Can pregnant women eat pumpkin porridge?

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The nutritional components of Pumpkin

  • heat quantity(kilocalorie)
  • 22
  • fat(gram)
  • 0.1
  • protein(gram)
  • 0.7
  • carbohydrate(gram)
  • 4.5
  • dietary fiber(gram)
  • 0.8
  • thiamine(mg)
  • 0.03
  • calcium(mg)
  • 16
  • riboflavin(mg)
  • 0.04
  • magnesium(mg)
  • 8
  • niacin(mg)
  • 0.4
  • iron(mg)
  • 0.4
  • vitamin C(mg)
  • 8
  • manganese(mg)
  • 0.08
  • vitamin E(mg)
  • 0.36
  • zinc(mg)
  • 0.14
  • vitamin A(mcg)
  • 148
  • copper(mg)
  • 0.03
  • Carotene(mcg)
  • 0.4
  • potassium(mg)
  • 145
  • phosphorus(mg)
  • 24
  • retinol equivalent(mcg)
  • 93.5
  • sodium(mg)
  • 0.8
  • selenium(mcg)
  • 0.46

Pumpkin porridge is a favorite of many people. Eating pumpkin porridge is very helpful to the body. However, when eating this type of porridge, you need to pay attention to eating it in moderation. Although pumpkin porridge is more helpful to the body, eating too much will be harmful to the body. Digestion will also cause a burden, so you should pay attention to this when eating pumpkin porridge. Can pregnant women eat pumpkin porridge? Many women are not clear about it. Let’s introduce it in detail below.

Can pregnant women eat pumpkin porridge?

Pregnant women can eat pumpkin. Eating pumpkin for pregnant women can not only supplement the multivitamins and trace elements they need, but also effectively enrich blood and improve beauty.

1. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins B2, B2, B6, A, C, and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, silicon, and cobalt. The content of vitamin A is almost the highest among melon vegetables. Maternal consumption can replenish the energy and nutrients needed by the body and replenish the energy lost during childbirth as soon as possible.

2. Enhance immunity. Pumpkin has the effect of replenishing blood. Eating it by pregnant women can regulate sugar metabolism, enhance the body's immunity, prevent arteriosclerosis of blood vessels, and has anti-cancer effects.

3. Eating pumpkin regularly can make your skin plump, especially for women. Maternal consumption can also help women lose weight, and can help patients with weakened liver and kidney functions enhance the regeneration capacity of liver and kidney cells.

4. Promote absorption and digestion. Pumpkin can protect the gastrointestinal mucosa from rough food irritation and promote the healing of ulcers. Maternal consumption of pumpkin can also promote bile secretion, speed up gastric motility, and help food digestion. Eating pumpkin often can also dissolve gallstones.

5. Pumpkin can effectively prevent and treat high blood pressure and certain diseases of the liver and liver. Maternal consumption has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on intrapartum hypertension.

After understanding whether pregnant women can eat pumpkin porridge, women can eat pumpkin porridge with confidence after giving birth. However, if women feel uncomfortable during the eating process, they should stop choosing, especially those with abdominal distension. In the case of diarrhea and diarrhea, such food cannot be selected anymore, which should be paid attention to.