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How to eat natto How to make natto

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How to eat natto? Some people may not know what kind of food natto is. Natto is actually produced through fermentation of soybeans, and it is mainly a food fermented by Natto bacteria. This food can be made into health products and biological agents, so its utilization value is very high, and Its nutritional value is also very high.

If natto is soybean, its protein is insoluble, but after being made into natto, it becomes a soluble protein, and it can also produce a lot of amino acids. Not only that, there are a lot of phytools in natto, which can remove excess cholesterol from the body and break down fat.

How to eat natto:

Mix raw eggs with natto, it’s fun to mix and it’s sticky.

1. Natto + onion

2. Natto + chopped white radish

3. Natto + Korean spicy cabbage

4. Natto + raw egg yolk

5. Natto + kelp

6. Natto + sesame + honey

How to improve the health effects of natto

1. Eating natto for dinner has the best effect. Through experiments, Professor Sumi Yanghang believes that natto-activating enzyme can dissolve blood clots between 1 hour and 12 hours after eating natto. According to statistics, various thrombosis diseases such as cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction mostly occur in the early morning and Monday. So it works best if eaten every night or for dinner on Sunday.

2. Eat without heating as much as possible. Natto-activating enzyme is not heat-resistant, and its activity disappears when heated to 70°C. So eating it raw is the best.

3. You must insist on eating every day. After the natto reactivating enzyme enters the body, its activity remains for about half a day. So try to eat 30g a day, 100g is ideal.

4. It can be eaten even after the shelf life has expired.

Now everyone knows how to eat natto. At the same time, we also know that natto is rich in nutrients and has high utilization value, so you can usually eat more natto foods. We know that natto can also lower blood lipids, lower cholesterol, soften blood vessels, prevent and treat high blood pressure, etc., so natto has strong health care functions.