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How to eat star fruit How to read star fruit in English

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How to eat carambola? Let’s first understand my situation about carambola. Carambola is a tropical and subtropical fruit. The shape of carambola is rather strange, but its taste is very sweet, and the nutritional value of carambola is also very high, and the roots, flowers and leaves of carambola can all be used medicinally, so Talking about the high utilization value of carambola and the economic benefits it brings to us, what is the way to make a fruit with such high nutritional value and medicinal value.

In addition to eating fruits like carambola raw, what other ways to eat can allow us to absorb more nutrients in carambola. According to experts, star fruit can not only be eaten raw, but can also be made into drinks or soup. Here’s how to make star fruit jam.

1. Raw material selection and processing: Select fruits that are eight to nine mature, fresh, with normal flavor, free of diseases, insect pests, and non-rot, wash, and cut the heads, tails, and edges. The processed star fruits should be strictly prevented from being overstocked and discolored.

2 Heating and softening: Soak the star fruit in boiling water to soften for 2 to 3 minutes to allow the pulp and sugar solution to penetrate, destroy its enzyme activity, and prevent discoloration.

3. Crush and beat: The softened pulp is put into a beater and crushed into pulp.

4. Preparation: Star fruit contains less gum and higher acid content. The pH value of the puree after pulping is low, generally 1 to 2. Use cold boiled water to adjust the pulp to a pH value of 3 to 3.2, and then squeeze (the squeezed juice can be used as concentrated juice and soda). The squeezed jam has a moderate moisture content, and the weight of the pulp is the same as that of the original pulp after being crushed. The amount of slurry accounts for 40% to 50% of the total ingredients, the sugar accounts for 45% to 60% (the amount of starch syrup allowed to account for less than 20% of the total sugar amount), and the amount of agar added is 0.5% to 0.7% (agar first) Dissolve in 20 times hot water and filter).

5. Heating and concentration: heat and boil 1/3 of the syrup and jam in a jacketed pot for 10 to 20 minutes to soften and evaporate part of the water. Then add the remaining sugar liquid in batches until the soluble solids content reaches 60% to 65%. %, add the agar liquid and stir evenly, immediately remove from the pot and put into cans. Proper stirring is required during the softening and concentration process to prevent the pot from burning.

6 Canning and sealing: The sauce temperature is required to be above 85°C to prevent the jam from staining the can. Immediately after canning, seal with lid and sterilize immediately.

7 Sterilization and cooling: Boil the jar in boiling water at 100°C for 5 to 15 minutes, and then cool to 38°C in stages.

How to eat carambola? Many people eat carambola raw. In fact, there are other ways to make carambola, such as making carambola jam and using carambola to make soup as we told you above. No matter which method we choose, we can absorb the vitamins, organic acids and other nutrients in carambola into the human body and enhance the body's disease resistance.