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Cake Recipe Cake Recipe Oven Home Edition

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When it comes to cakes, everyone is familiar with it. Although we don’t eat them every day, cakes occupy a very important position in our lives. Birthdays of relatives and friends are indispensable without the appearance of cakes, and wouldn’t it be more meaningful for us to learn to make cakes ourselves and give them to our relatives and friends? If you want to make cakes by yourself, you must first learn how to make cakes before you can make cakes. So how to make a cake? Here is a detailed introduction for you.

Many people think it is very difficult to make cakes and do not know how to make them. Therefore, the following content is a detailed introduction to how to make cakes. Friends who want to learn how to make cakes should read it carefully. Learn how to make cakes to give to friends and family.

How to make the cake:

Prepare to beat the egg white with three chopsticks. Beat it a few times and big bubbles will appear. At this time, add the ingredients. In order to highlight the sweetness, add a little salt and a spoonful of sugar and continue beating. When it is a little thick, add another spoonful of sugar and continue beating. After about 15 minutes,

It will become creamy and will not fall off the chopsticks. This process is very important. Beat continuously for 15 minutes. Add two spoons of sugar, 3 spoons of flour and 6 spoons of milk to the egg yolks. Stir well and pour in half of the cream. shaped egg white. Press the rice cooker button to preheat for 1 minute and then take it out. The pot will be a little hot. Pour in a little oil and spread it evenly in the pot to prevent it from sticking. Pour in the stirred ingredients, then slam the pot a few times to knock out any air bubbles.

Press the cooking button, and it will automatically jump to the keep warm position for about 2 minutes. At this time, cover the vent with a towel, keep it cool for 20 minutes, and then press the cooking button again. It will be ready after 20 minutes. After opening the lid, the inside of the pot Apply oil and it will come out as soon as you pour it. The bottom of the cake is darker in color, softer and more delicious. The cake is finished.

The above content is a detailed introduction to how to make cakes. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Remind everyone that if you want to learn how to make cakes, you must read the above content carefully. Learning to make cakes is a very meaningful thing. Isn’t it meaningful to give cakes made by ourselves to our relatives and friends on their birthdays?