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What fruits can be eaten during menstruation? What foods should not be eaten during menstruation?

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The appearance of menstruation means that a girl has the ability to have children, and because women’s immunity and estrogen rise during menstruation, women during this period are very fragile and sensitive, especially in terms of diet. If you are not careful, it may lead to dysmenorrhea. Many friends know that you cannot eat cold things during menstruation. So, does this mean that you cannot eat fruits during menstruation?

In fact, there are some fruits suitable for women to use during menstruation, because fruits are also divided into cool and hot. It does not mean that it is cool to the touch, which means it is a cool food. Therefore, for some fruits during menstruation, It is edible.

So what kind of fruits should you eat during menstruation?

The typical representative of cold fruits is watermelon. Although watermelon contains a lot of water, a variety of amino acids and sugars, and has the effect of clearing away heat, relieving summer heat, and refreshing thirst, watermelon is cold and slippery, also known as "cold melon". Even normal people should not eat it in excess, and women during menstruation should be more cautious. Eat it. The "friends" of watermelon include cantaloupe (melon), grapefruit, persimmon, kiwi, star fruit, mulberry, banana, mango, pear, orange, Luo Han Guo, strawberry, etc. For these cold fruits, all "red cards" are not appropriate, and eating less will not have a big impact.

There is also a category of fruits that are "mild-tempered", such as lychees. Lychee pulp is crystal clear, tastes sour and sweet, and is rich in vitamin C and protein. It can supplement energy and enhance the body's immune function. It has always been regarded as a precious supplement. In addition to lychees, kumquats, pomegranates, bayberries, peaches, cherries, tangerines, oranges, plums, and papayas are all fruits with a warm nature. What fruits are good to eat during menstruation? Be sure to remember the above fruits.

You can also eat "neutral" foods during menstruation. Another character of fruit is "peace", and the typical representative is apple. Apple acid contains tannic acid, organic acids, pectin and fiber, and contains a large number of nutrients such as cellulose, minerals, fats, sugars, carotene, potassium, zinc, etc. It can stop diarrhea and relieve constipation. It is very effective for constipation, which is common during menstruation. Fruits with a flat nature include lemons, jujubes, plums, longans, grapes, figs, coconuts, pineapples, olives, etc.

As for what fruits to eat during menstruation, the above-mentioned mild and peaceful fruits are suitable for women to eat during menstruation, and women are prone to constipation during menstruation. Eating these fruits can effectively help female friends solve the problem during menstruation. Treat constipation problem and prevent the accumulation of feces in your body.