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How to make Pickled Pepper Chicken Feet? How to make Pickled Pepper Crucian Carp?

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Food is very common in life. Different foods contain different nutrients, so you can choose according to your own needs. This will also be very helpful for supplementing all aspects of the body when eating. Napa How to make pepper chicken feet? Many people don’t know much about this issue, so when choosing it, you must also be careful not to do it casually.

How to make pickled pepper chicken feet? There are some methods. There are also some unique ways to make this kind of food. It is not something that can be done casually. The following is a detailed introduction to the specific making methods of this kind of food. .

How to make pickled pepper chicken feet:

Method one:

Ingredients: chicken feet (300g)

Accessories: millet chili 100g)

Seasonings: garlic (10g), Sichuan peppercorns (5g), pepper (2g), MSG (2g), salt (5g)

Production process

Wash the chicken feet, remove the nails, cut them in half, and immerse them in boiling water to remove the fishy smell. Change the water, add onion and ginger slices, rice wine, Sichuan peppercorns, star anise and appropriate amount of salt into the water, add the chicken feet, bring to a boil and cook over high heat for 8-15 minutes. If you like it crispy, leave it for 8 minutes; if you like it softer, leave it for 15 minutes.

Pour all the liquid from a bottle of millet spicy into the pot, just a little bit, add part of the millet spicy, add more if you like it spicy. Add an appropriate amount of drinking water (depending on how much chicken feet are brewed), then add white vinegar (according to your own taste), white sugar, an appropriate amount of salt, a little pepper, a little ginger and star anise, simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes, and let cool. , put into plastic or glass containers for later use.

After the chicken feet are taken out of the pot, put them into cold boiling water to cool them thoroughly. You can wash them several times to remove the oil. Then put it into the reserved sansho pepper water, so that it can be soaked by the juice. Close the lid and put it in the refrigerator. After two days, take it out and pick out the phoenix claws and pickled peppers and it's ready to eat!

Method 2

Make ingredients

Chicken feet, pickled pepper, pickled pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, pepper, bay leaf, sugar, vinegar, salt, cooking wine.

Production process

1. Wash the chicken feet, remove the nails, cut them into two parts, and then divide the side with the fingers into two parts. The whole bubble is unpalatable;

2. Mix the marinade, ginger strips, pickled peppers, salt, sugar, and vinegar, one teaspoon of salt, two teaspoons of sugar, and one tablespoon of vinegar (balsamic vinegar and mature vinegar are all acceptable);

3. Boil the marinade;

4. Pour in the chicken feet, add one tablespoon of cooking wine and one teaspoon of salt to the boiling water, and cook for ten to twelve minutes. I cooked it for ten minutes and it was very crispy;

5. After washing with cold water, change the water every ten minutes and soak for two hours. If you don't feel uncomfortable with the water, rinse it with a fine amount of water. If you are worried about the water, change it every half an hour. It is best to use purified water for the last time. I was worried that the raw water was not clean, so I used purified water;

6. Drain the chicken feet and soak them in the prepared juice. You can eat them after five hours. But the longer it takes, the more flavorful it becomes and the spicier it gets.

Through the above introduction, I also have some understanding of how to make pickled pepper chicken feet, so when choosing it, you must also be careful not to do it casually. After making such food, you must eat it in moderation, especially for the stomach People with poor health cannot eat too much, as this is also very harmful to their own health.