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The role of orange peel, the role, efficacy and nutrition of oranges

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Fruit is a very common food in life. There are many types of fruits, so you can choose fruits according to your own preferences. The most commonly eaten fruit is apples. Apples are rich in vitamins and amino acids, so it is best to eat such fruits. You can choose it with confidence. It is very helpful in promoting human digestion and is a good choice for weight loss. What are the functions of orange peel?

What are the effects of orange peel? Orange peel helps the human body in many ways, so when choosing it, you must pay attention to understand it now, so that you will not harm it when you use it. itself.

The functions of orange peel:

1. Fry orange peels and ginger slices with water and drink the soup to treat stomach cold and vomiting.

2. 30 grams of raw orange peel and 6 grams of licorice can be decoctioned and taken to treat mastitis.

3. 12 grams of fresh orange peel (or 6 grams of dried orange peel), decoction and taken in soup, can cure constipation.

4. Chewing raw orange peel can cure bad breath.

5. Drink citrus peel decoction or juice to sober up.

6. Decoction of orange peel can detoxify fish and crabs.

7. Soak fresh orange peel in boiling water and add appropriate amount of sugar to make orange peel tea. After drinking, it can regulate qi, reduce swelling, promote body fluids and moisturize the throat.

8. Wash and cut fresh orange peel into pieces, and soak it in white wine to make orange peel wine. It has a fragrant and mellow taste. Drinking a small amount every day can clear the lungs and resolve phlegm.

9. When children have digestive system dysfunction, boiling orange peel soup and taking it can help children digest and resolve stagnation and increase appetite.

10. When adults have symptoms such as loss of appetite, chest and abdominal distension and pain, and excessive phlegm, they can also eat orange peels to aid treatment.

11. Orange peel cures nasal congestion. There's nothing wrong with a cold, but it's particularly uncomfortable when your nose is blocked. It is more effective to use drops on the nose, but there are side effects if you use them all the time. So, here’s how to use orange peels to treat nasal congestion. Simply squeeze fresh orange peel into your nostrils and spray the squeezed juice into your nasal cavity. Your nose will soon be ventilated.

Through the above introduction, we also have a good understanding of the role of orange peel, so when using it, you can follow the above methods, but it should be noted that oranges are rich in vitamin C, but when eating oranges , and not too much, otherwise it will be easy to get angry. This should also be noted.