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How to eat durian? How to choose durian with plump flesh

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When it comes to durian, there is almost a feeling that people are talking about it. For this fruit, some people are happy and some are sad! They like its texture, but they are afraid of its taste. So how to eat durian to "minimize" the so-called disadvantages? Let's take a look at the editor's introduction!

Durian is an evergreen tree of the Kapok family, with a height of 15 to 20 meters. The leaves are long, pointed at the top, cymes, the flowers are light yellow, the fruit is about the size of a football, the skin is solid, densely covered with triangular thorns, the flesh is composed of aril meat bags, the flesh is light yellow, sticky and juicy, soft and sweet. It tastes like ice cream.

It has a strange smell at first taste, but after eating it it is cool and sweet, and the aftertaste is very good, so it has the reputation of "lingering (durian) and forgetting to return". Durian is produced in tropical areas and contains a variety of nutrients. It is regarded by the locals as the "King of Tropical Fruits". There was a folk proverb in Thailand: "When durians come out, the sarong comes off." This means that girls would rather take off their skirts and sell them to have a feast of durians.

Nutritional analysis 1. Durian is rich in protein, eggs and lipids, which has a good nourishing effect on the body and is a good source of fruit nutrition; 2. Durian has a special smell, which different people feel differently. Some people think that it has a special smell. It smells like cat feces, and some people think it has a fragrant aroma. The smell of durian has the effect of appetizing and promoting appetite, and the dietary fiber in it can also promote intestinal peristalsis.

Relevant groups: The general population can eat it. 1. Women can use it to nourish their bodies after illness and postpartum. 2. People with diabetes should not eat it, and people with kidney disease and heart disease should eat it with caution. Production Instructions Unopened durians have a grassy smell, while mature ones exude the inherent aroma of durian. When buying unripe durians, wrap them in newspapers when you go home, light the newspapers, wrap them in newspapers again after burning, and put them in a warm place. After a day or two, you can smell the fragrance to prove that they are ripe. Pick them up when you want to eat them. Smash it gently on the ground to make a crack, pry it off from the opening and eat.

The nutrients contained in 100 grams of durian are as follows: Calories (147.00 kcal) · Vitamin B6 (0.14 mg) · Protein (2.60 g) · Fat (3.30 g) · Carbohydrates (28.30 g) · Folic acid (116.90 micrograms) · Dietary fiber ( 1.70g) · Vitamin A (3.00 μg) · Carotene (20.00 μg) · Thiamine (0.20 mg) · Riboflavin (0.13 mg) · Niacin (1.19 mg) · Vitamin C (2.80 mg) · Vitamin E (2.28 mg) · Calcium (4.00 mg) · Phosphorus (38.00 mg) · Potassium (261.00 mg) · Sodium (2.90 mg) · Iodine (5.60 μg) · Magnesium (27.00 mg) · Iron (0.30 mg) · Zinc (0.16 mg) Selenium (3.26 μg) Copper (0.12 mg) Manganese (0.22 mg)

Sometimes after eating durian, I feel like my body will get angry, my eyes will have a lot of secretions, my gums will be swollen and painful, and sometimes I will get aphthous sores. Excuse me, how can you eat durian without getting angry? Durian is known as the "King of Tropical Fruits". It is delicious and nutritious. In addition to sugar, it also contains protein, fat, vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. It can nourish Body, lubricates skin. However, Chinese medicine believes that it is hot in nature and stagnant, so you should not eat too much at one time, otherwise it will easily cause the body to become hot and dry. Its rich nutrition will also cause "heat" due to the inability of the intestines and stomach to fully absorb it. However, it is just right for people with a cold constitution to eat durian, because durian can aphrodisiac and help fire. If you are deficient and cold after childbirth, you can use it as a tonic.

Since durian is the "King of Fruits", its best partner is naturally the mangosteen, known as the "Queen of Fruits". Mangosteen is a tropical fruit and is rich in protein and lipids. It has a good nourishing effect on the body and is also good for the weak, malnourished, and post-illness patients.

However, contrary to durian, Chinese medicine believes that mangosteen is a neutral fruit, slightly cooler, and has the effect of reducing dryness, cooling and antipyretic. Although it is delicious, it is not advisable to eat too much. If you eat durian and then eat a few mangosteens, you can balance the cold and heat and protect your body from damage. In addition, drinking more water after eating durian, or eating more fruits with more water content can also relieve hotness, among which pears and watermelon are good choices.

Durian is best eaten with mangosteen. The pulp of durian contains fire, and eating too much will cause nosebleeds. The way to avoid getting angry is to eat mangosteen, because mangosteen can clear away heat and relieve fire. It is worth noting that eating durian and mangosteen at the same time can avoid getting angry, but it may cause constipation. Because these two fruits are rich in fiber, they will absorb water and swell in the intestines and stomach. Excessive consumption will block the intestines and cause constipation. Moreover, both durian and mangosteen contain high levels of sugar and potassium, so patients with diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease should not eat them.

Durian eating taboos:

1. Durian should not be eaten with wine: wine and durian are both hot and dry things. If a diabetic patient eats both together, it will cause blood vessel obstruction, and in severe cases, blood vessel bursting and stroke, so they should not be eaten.

2. People with hot gas temperament, sore throat, cough, cold, yin deficiency, and tracheal sensitivity will worsen their condition and are not beneficial to the body and should not eat it.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that durian is warm in nature. If you eat too much, it will increase dryness and cause symptoms of dampness. To relieve discomfort, drink kelp and mung bean soup or prunella vulgaris soup.

4. Durian contains high calories and sugar, so obese people should eat less.

5. Durian contains high potassium, so people with kidney disease and heart disease should eat less.

6. It is not advisable to eat too much durian at one time. If the ripe durian smells of alcohol, it means it has spoiled and cannot be eaten.

Although durian tastes strange and is hot in nature, if you master how to eat durian, these problems will be easily solved!