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How to squeeze apple juice without oxidation

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Most methods of squeezing apple juice without oxidation require cutting the apples and soaking them in salt water for a while, or adding a small amount of lemon juice to the fried apple juice. These are relatively common methods. Good ice In order to prevent oxidation of the juice, you can add kudzu powder or put it in a sealed container.

Apples are a common fruit in life and are rich in nutrients. However, if you want to squeeze apple juice into apple juice, it is likely to oxidize under incorrect operation conditions, and the nutrients in the apples will also be lost. , so you must choose an effective method when squeezing juice. In order to avoid oxidation, you can soak it lightly for a while. A small amount of salt water can reduce oxidation and discoloration. You can also drop a small amount of lemon into it. Lemon is rich in vitamins. oxidation reaction.

In order to avoid oxidation, the squeezed apple juice can also be added with an appropriate amount of kudzu root powder. Although kudzu root powder has a certain value in traditional Chinese medicine, it is a natural stabilizer and has an antioxidant effect on freshly squeezed juice. Some people The squeezed juice will be immediately put into a sealed container to reduce the time of contact with air, and can also slow down the oxidation and discoloration of apple juice. These methods are more effective. You should choose a more appropriate one according to each person's situation. way.