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How to eat custard apple How to eat custard apple video

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How to eat custard apple? Custard apple is a very good fruit, not only nutritious but also delicious. The custard apple is also called Buddha's head. Unlike ordinary lychees, the casing of the custard apple is light green and the flesh is the same milky white. However, the custard apples we usually buy may be stiff and not suitable for direct consumption. After ripening using some special methods, the taste can be sweetened and soft. Otherwise, the hard custard apple will taste dry.

How to eat custard apples? You can only eat custard apples when they are ripe. What to do with those stiff custard apples? You can wrap the stiff custard apples in paper, sprinkle with water, and cover them for a few days to enjoy a delicious, sweet and delicious taste. of cherimoya.

1. Custard apple can replenish the body's demand for vitamin C in a timely manner, effectively avoid various diseases caused by vitamin C deficiency, and play an auxiliary role in dietary therapy.

2. Custard apple has the effect of lowering blood sugar and is often used to treat diabetes abroad. Diabetic patients often consume custard apple, which has a significant auxiliary therapeutic effect in alleviating the disease.

3. The fiber content of cherimoya is high, which can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis and eliminate feces accumulated in the intestines.

4. Custard apple is also the best antioxidant fruit, which can effectively delay skin aging and whiten the skin.

1. Wrap the custard apple in paper, spray some water, and cover it in an airtight place for a day or two. After the custard apple becomes soft, you can peel it and eat it. It tastes delicious, sweet and delicious.

2. Bury the custard apples in rice and let them sit for a day or two until they are fully cooked.

Warm reminder: The unripe custard apple fruit is very green and astringent. Do not put it in the refrigerator, otherwise it will form a dumb fruit and will never mature again. In winter, it should be placed in a warm place to ripen, otherwise it may also form a dumb fruit. fruit.

How to eat custard apple? You can't eat custard apple. Like many fruits, they need to be ripened before they can be eaten. Some bananas are astringent, and apples that are too green are the same. After simple processing, the taste will be better. It is best to store cherimoya in a ventilated and cool place at around 25 degrees Celsius. It should be noted that people with cold spleen and stomach should eat less custard apple.