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Foods that increase memory and increase immune resistance. What are the best foods to eat?

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Food is needed by the human body. We need to eat a lot of food every day. According to our own preferences, people have very different food choices every day. Therefore, when choosing food, you must understand it. In this way Only when you eat it will you know how it helps the human body. When you eat it, you can choose with confidence. So what are the foods that increase memory?

Many people are not sure about the foods that increase memory, so when choosing, you should also pay attention to what such foods are. You can also consult in detail to make your choice.

Foods that increase memory:

Some brain-boosting foods are actually common and inexpensive. Such as egg yolks, soybeans, lean meat, milk, fish, animal offal (heart, brain, liver, kidney), carrots, cereals, etc. These foods are not only rich in lecithin and easy to digest, but also have a positive effect on the development of children's brain.

1. Milk. Rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B1 and amino acids necessary for the brain. The calcium in milk is most easily absorbed. When you are overactive or have insomnia, a cup of hot milk can help you fall asleep.

2. Eggs. It is called a complete protein model by nutritionists and has a human body absorption rate of 99.7%. Normal people need one egg a day to meet their needs. People with memory loss can effectively improve their memory by eating 5 to 6 pieces a day (not suitable for people with high cholesterol). It is beneficial for children to eat eggs appropriately from an early age, which is beneficial to the development of memory; especially egg yolks, which contain nutrients necessary for brain cells such as lecithin and egg calcium, which can enhance brain vitality. .

3. Fish. Provides high-quality protein and calcium to the brain. The fatty acids contained in freshwater fish are mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which can protect cerebral blood vessels and promote brain cell activity.

4. Shellfish. It has very low carbohydrate and fat content and is almost pure protein, which can quickly supply a large amount of quinine to the brain. Therefore, it can greatly stimulate brain energy, enhance mood and improve brain function. Eating shellfish as an appetizer is the fastest way to improve your brain power. But shellfish are more likely than fish to accumulate toxins and pollutants in the ocean.

5. MSG. The main ingredient is sodium glutamate, which is the only amino acid involved in brain metabolism. It increases acetylcholine in the brain, promotes intellectual development, maintains and improves brain function, and improves memory.

6. Peanuts. Peanuts and other nuts are rich in lecithin. Regular consumption can improve blood circulation, inhibit platelet aggregation, and prevent cerebral thrombosis. It can delay brain function decline, enhance memory, and delay aging. It is a veritable "immortality fruit."

7. Xiaomi. Contains vitamins B1 and B2 1 to 1 to 5 times higher than rice. Clinical observations have found that eating millet is beneficial to brain health and prevents aging.

8. Corn. Corn embryos are rich in a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, which can protect cerebral blood vessels and lower blood lipids. The glutamic acid content is high, which can promote brain cell metabolism and has a brain-building effect.

9. Daylily. Daylily can soothe the nerves and relieve depression, but it should not be eaten raw or fried to avoid poisoning. It is better to eat it dry or cooked.

10. Chili. Vitamin C content ranks first among vegetables, and it is also rich in carotene and vitamins. The capsaicin contained in peppers can stimulate the sense of taste, increase appetite, and promote blood circulation in the brain. The "spicy" taste also stimulates the hormones in the human body to pursue career success, making people energetic and active in thinking. It’s better when eaten raw.

11. Spinach. Rich in vitamins A, C, B1 and B2, it is one of the best suppliers for brain cell metabolism. It also contains a lot of chlorophyll, which also has brain-boosting effects.

Through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of the foods that increase memory, so when choosing such foods, you can choose them with confidence. It has a very helpful effect on all aspects of the human body. It will harm human health, so it is a safe choice.