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What should not be eaten with chicken? What should not be eaten with chicken?

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Chicken is a kind of food that contains a variety of elements that are beneficial to human health. It can be said that chicken is a healthy food with high protein and low fat. Eating chicken can be said to have great effect on improving the body’s resistance. Helpful, if you eat chicken regularly, you can improve the body's resistance and promote metabolism. At the same time, the fat content of chicken can be said to be the lowest, so you can eat more chicken every day.

But we know that there are actually a lot of things to pay attention to when eating chicken. If you don’t pay attention to the scientific way of eating in daily life, it may also cause some other complications. So what foods should not be eaten with chicken on a daily basis? There are all of them when eating chicken. What are the requirements?

Chicken and carp: Chicken is sweet and warm, while carp is sweet and flat. Chicken nourishes the body and supports yang, while carp lowers qi and promotes water. Their properties and tastes are not opposite but their functions are multiplied. Fish are rich in protein, trace elements, enzymes and various biologically active substances; the composition of chicken is also extremely complex.

2. Chicken and plums are incompatible, and eating them will cause diarrhea. Rescue: White urine after eating chicken.

3. Chicken and chrysanthemum are in conflict with each other, eating them will lead to death. Rescue: 1 penny of Asarum, 5 fen of Sichuan Lotus and decoction in water.

4. Chicken and sesame are incompatible: eating them together can lead to death.

5. Chicken and mustard: If these two foods are eaten together, they will damage your vitality. Because mustard is a hot substance, and chicken is a warm and tonic product, it may increase the heat, which is not good for health.

6. Chicken and dog kidneys conflict with each other: they can cause dysentery.

7. Pheasant and crucian carp: Crucian carp is sweet and warm in nature, and is hot in nature, and is used to lower qi and diuresis, while pheasant is sweet, sour and slightly cold, and is used to replenish qi and strengthen the spleen. Therefore, the properties, taste, and functions of the two are incompatible. Both crucian carp and pheasant meat contain various amino acids, enzyme hormones, trace elements, etc., so they should not be cooked together because the biochemical reactions are more complex.

The above are several foods that cannot be eaten with chicken. Therefore, when eating chicken every day, you must remember to try not to eat it in this way. Although chicken is very helpful to human health, if you eat it in daily life, Too much chicken will also cause other problems. For example, some elderly friends should not eat too much chicken.