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How to fry fish without sticking to the pan How to fry fish without sticking to the pan without peeling off the skin

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Because fish is rich in nutritional value and tastes delicious, eating more fish is very good for our bodies. Therefore, many families will see a variety of fish dishes on their dining tables, and there are many ways to cook fish, the most common of which is fried fish. However, many friends often encounter fried fish that not only tastes bad, but also has poor appearance. So what is the method for frying fish in a non-stick pan?

In fact, as long as you master certain methods and techniques, you can easily make fried fish at home that is as beautiful and delicious as a restaurant. In addition, you no longer have to worry about a whole plate of broken fish appearing on your dining table. Fried fish. So what is the method for frying fish in a non-stick pan?

How to fry fish in a non-stick pan

1. If it is fresh fish, it is not necessary to remove the scales. After washing the fish, dry it to remove the water and fry it in hot oil. If the fish is pickled, the fish scales should be removed and washed before frying.

2. After the pot is heated, pour some cold oil into the pot, pour it out immediately, then pour in the cold oil and fry slowly over low heat.

3. Dip the fish or fish pieces into a thin layer of noodles, or roll it in egg liquid and fry it in hot oil.

How to fry fish without sticking to the pan?

4. Heat the pot and add more oil. Let the fish drain away the water. First put the fish on the spatula, then put the spatula into the oil pan. Preheat the fish on the spatula first, and then put it into the oil. Slow fry.

5. The pan used for frying fish must be scrubbed clean. After sitting in the pan, wipe the hot pan with a piece of fresh ginger, then pour in the oil, stir with a spatula to coat the walls of the pan with oil, put the fish in when it is hot, and fry until the fish is cooked. The skin is tight, straight, and slightly yellow.

6. Put a little sugar in the hot oil pan. When the sugar turns slightly yellow, put the fish into the pan. It will not stick to the pan, but will also be delicious and fragrant.

7. If you can apply some vinegar on the fish body, it can also prevent it from sticking to the pan.

After reading about the method of frying fish in a non-stick pan, in fact, as long as you master the above seven points, you will be able to make decent fried fish. If it is fresh fish, there is no need to remove the scales. In addition, it is best to pour the oil in the pot after it is hot. In addition, you can add some sugar to the hot oil pan for seasoning, which will taste better. You may wish to try it!