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Four delicious nuts to help you stay healthy during pregnancy

2023-11-27 source:internet [ typeface:big medium small ]

How to ensure nutrition during pregnancy? During pregnancy, as the fetus gradually grows, the body becomes heavier and heavier, which naturally consumes more energy and calories. Therefore, mothers should supplement nutrition in time to maintain physical strength and ensure normal supply to the fetus. For nutrients for development, please read the editor’s introduction to four delicious nuts that can help you stay healthy during pregnancy.


Walnuts are warm in nature and sweet in taste, and have the functions of strengthening the stomach, nourishing blood, moistening the lungs, and nourishing the mind. In addition, walnuts are rich in phospholipids, which can nourish and strengthen the brain and promote the development of the cerebral cortex. 500 grams of walnut kernels is equivalent to the nutritional value of 2500 grams of eggs or 4500 grams of milk, of which about 60% is sodium protein, as well as lysine, glutamic acid, vitamin E, etc. Therefore, moderate consumption of walnuts during pregnancy can effectively promote the development of the fetal brain.


Cashew nuts are rich in nutrients, containing 21% protein, 40% oil content, and high content of various vitamins. They have good effects of replenishing physical strength and eliminating fatigue. They can also improve dry skin and are also good for pregnant women. Supplement iron, zinc and other elements.


The peanut coating of peanuts is rich in iron and has the effect of replenishing blood. The protein content of peanut kernels is as high as about 30%. Its nutritional value is comparable to eggs, milk, lean meat, etc., and it is easily absorbed by the human body. Peanuts can not only be eaten as snacks, but can also be used in dishes, soups, peanut-flavored soy milk, etc., each with its own flavor.


Delicious pistachios also contain nutrients that expectant mothers need during pregnancy. Pistachio kernels are rich in vitamins, folic acid, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, and also contain niacin, pantothenic acid, minerals, etc. Because pistachios are rich in oil, they have a laxative effect and help the body detoxify. It can treat neurasthenia, edema, anemia, malnutrition, chronic diarrhea and other diseases. It is a veritable "happy" fruit.

Warm reminder: How to ensure nutrition during pregnancy? The above four types of nuts have a common feature, that is, they are high in calories and delicious. They are snacks suitable for mothers to eat from the early to late pregnancy, but they cannot be eaten at one time. Eat too much, otherwise it will easily lead to weight gain during pregnancy, which will affect normal delivery and postpartum recovery. More pregnancy knowledge can be found in the maternal and child channel.