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How to make haggis How to make haggis English composition

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Haggis is a relatively common snack that can be seen everywhere in our lives, and its unique smell has attracted many customers to love haggis. However, for these haggis that everyone likes more, we should know more about how to make it, so that it will be more convenient for us to make and eat haggis in our lives. Now let’s learn how to make haggis.

There are ten main steps to make haggis. As long as we follow the method introduced in the article to make haggis, it will be relatively easy to successfully make your own haggis. Now let us follow the article to make it.

Haggis is a famous traditional snack that is produced in various places in Ningxia. Wuzhong City is famous for its unique production and long history, so it is also called Wuzhong-style haggis. In May 1994, it was rated as "National Halal Famous Brand Flavor Food".

The first step: Use chopsticks to turn the fat intestines inside out, so that the intestines can be cleaned in a while.

Step 2: First wash the stolen goods in the stomach with cold water, then scald the stomach with boiling water, peel off the belly residue with a knife while it is hot, and throw away the belly residue. Then take a big basin and wash the water belly like yellow stamens, then wash the yellow honeycomb-like flower belly, and finally wash the thin belly with a hundred pleats.

Step 3: Clamp the sheep head with clamps, slowly put it into the stove, and use the fire to burn the wool. Clamp the four chickens with clamps and slowly put them into the stove to burn the fur. Use a knife to scrape off the burnt hair.

Step 4: Pry off the shell of the sheep's trotters with a knife.

Step 5: Put the sheep head and sheep's hooves into the stove and burn them again to turn them into black charred shells, and then scald them with boiling water. Then use an iron wire ball to brush away the remaining hair and black charcoal shell, revealing the burnt yellow and hairless sheep head and hooves.

Step 6: Cut the lamb jaw in half with an axe, and cut off the charred meat with a knife.

No. 7: Cut the sheep's ears in half. Cut the root of the sheep's ears in half.

Step 8: Soak the sheep's internal organs, sheep's head and sheep's limbs and hooves in cold water. After soaking, boil them in boiling water for two hours.

Step 9: Cut the sheep offal, sheep head, sheep hooves, potatoes, onions, and ginger into small pieces and boil them in a pot of boiling water, then add some salt.

Step 10: Put the cooked haggis into a bowl, add minced coriander, and the haggis is ready.

It takes ten steps to make haggis. Take a bite, it's not only fragrant, but also delicious. Eating it in winter will not only prevent you from getting angry, but can also warm you up!

Through the detailed introduction in the article, I believe everyone has greatly improved the method of making haggis. If you feel that the article introduced in the article is not detailed enough, you can provide us with some suggestions or opinions so that we can better serve you. At the same time, we are very grateful for everyone's trust and support in us, and hope you can successfully make haggis.