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What is the difference between Miba and Red Heart Dragon Fruit?

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Many people have eaten red dragon fruit, but few have come into contact with Miba. In fact, Mibao is an emerging variety of dragon fruit and one of the most popular dragon fruit varieties on the market. It is actually very difficult to distinguish between Miba and Red Heart Pitaya. Apart from the difference in taste, we can only start with the appearance. Miba has a more rounded shape, like a cute baby, so it is also called Miba. So, how to distinguish between Mi Bao and Red Heart Dragon Fruit?

1.Vietnamese Red Heart Dragon Fruit vs Miba

There are two types of red-heart pitayas we commonly see: Vietnamese red-heart pitaya and Mibao (Taiwanese Mibao and domestic Mibao).

The fruit shape of Vietnamese red-heart pitaya is exactly the same as that of white-heart pitaya. From the appearance, you can’t tell whether it has red or white flesh. Mibao is round and round. In the past few years, only Vietnamese red dragon fruit was the mainstream, with a small amount being grown domestically and a small amount imported from Taiwan. So at that time, the price of red dragon fruit was not low, and it was normal for one to cost dozens of yuan.

In recent years, the domestic Miba planting base has expanded significantly, especially in Guangxi, which is very suitable for planting Miba. Moreover, Mibao is really sweet. I personally think it is a bit too sweet. But Chinese people like this, so domestically produced Miba has been selling very well in recent years, which has had a great impact on imported red dragon fruit, and the price has also come down. So everyone is in a good mood, so when the price is not high, the daily fruits we allocate to Mercedes-Benz will also be paired with Vietnamese red dragon fruit.

2. Anthocyanins - anti-aging

Red-fleshed pitayas are among the fruits with the highest anthocyanin content, antioxidant vitamins and minerals. Their antioxidant capacity is attributed to their high concentration of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins provide a variety of benefits to the human body. Basically, anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that protect the body from damage caused by harmful substances called free radicals. Anthocyanins can also enhance blood vessel elasticity, improve the circulation system and skin smoothness, inhibit inflammation and allergies, and improve joint flexibility.

The above is a DIY red dragon fruit popsicle I made at home one summer. It is very simple, no additives, beautiful, delicious, and safe.

3. The three auspicious treasures of the dragon fruit family - white heart dragon fruit, red heart dragon fruit and yellow dragon fruit (bird's nest fruit)

There are actually three branches of the dragon fruit family. The largest and most common one is the white-fleshed dragon fruit, which is also our most common dragon fruit. It has low sugar content and can also be eaten by people with diabetes.

Huanglong fruit, also known as bird's nest fruit or unicorn fruit, has no disadvantages except that it is expensive. Sweet, really sweet! Don’t worry, I will write a special article about bird’s nest fruit.