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Nutritional recipes for 8-year-old children and children’s bedtime fairy tales

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What are the nutritional recipes for 8-year-old children? Many people don’t know much about this. There are many such recipes, and when eating, parents can choose according to their children’s preferences. So there are many recipes for these What parents don’t know is that pasta, vegetables, and fruits are the best choices. These foods can improve 8-year-old children in all aspects, and they are also very good in terms of nutritional supplements.

Pasta is easy to digest. Vegetables are very helpful in improving various vitamins. Fruits contain amino acids and other vitamins, which are very effective in improving children’s health. At the same time, children can also choose an appropriate amount of meat. There are nutritional recipes for 8-year-old children. what?

Nutritional recipes for 8-year-old children:

kids pasta


Ingredients: 1 tomato, 1/4 minced onion, half a carrot, 1 minced mushroom, 2 minced cooked ribs, 1 clove minced garlic, mince all the above ingredients, seasoning: Hans pasta sauce 125g, 2 spoons of tomato paste, 2 spoons of red wine, 1 stick of Kraft sausage cheese, half a spoon of sugar, half a spoon of MIX spices, 1 spoon of olive oil


1. Boil the alphabet pasta for about 15 minutes, then rinse it with cold water;

2. Put oil in the pot, then stir-fry the chopped pork ribs, chopped garlic, and half of the chopped onion for a while;

3. Pour in Hans pasta sauce, chopped carrots, chopped mushrooms and remaining chopped onions and continue to stir-fry;

4. Pour in red wine

5. Appropriate amount of salt and sugar

6. Cook the above ingredients on low heat for 15 minutes;

7. Finally, put in the Kraft cheese sticks and melt them, then turn off the heat;

8. It’s best to sprinkle MIX spices to enhance the flavor.

Pour the prepared pasta sauce over the cooked pasta


1. In order to save time and increase the flavor of the pasta sauce, I added some pasta sauce bought in the supermarket. You can also use all fresh tomatoes to make pure pasta sauce.

2. The cheese must be put in last. Turn off the heat after it melts slightly. The red sauce is smeared with traces of white cheese, which is very beautiful.

Through the above introduction, children's pasta is a good choice for nutritional recipes for 8-year-old children. When eaten, such food is very helpful to all aspects of the human body. Moreover, the preparation of this type of food is relatively simple, but eating this When eating food, it is necessary to combine the ingredients reasonably and optimally, which is beneficial to the development of all aspects of the human body.