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How to cut cakes in Xinjiang How to cut cakes in Xinjiang Homemade recipes

2023-12-30 source:internet [ typeface:big medium small ]

In the past, you could only eat Xinjiang cut cakes when you went to Xinjiang, but now you can make them at home. Xinjiang cut cake is a specialty of Xinjiang. It is mainly made of glutinous rice, and contains some walnuts, peanuts, Xinjiang raisins and other dried fruits. Although Xinjiang cut cakes are delicious, many people don’t know much about how to make Xinjiang cut cakes.

Since I had it at a friend's house last time, I also know what kind of materials can be used to make Xinjiang cut cake. However, after I went home and made it a few times, it didn't taste very good. There must be some mystery inside. Now let’s show you how to make Xinjiang cut cake. I hope everyone can eat more delicious Xinjiang cut cakes.

Teach you the home cooking method of Xinjiang cut cake and how to make delicious Xinjiang cut cake

1. Soak red beans and mung beans in cold water overnight; soak glutinous rice and peanuts for 4 hours.

2. Put the washed red dates and rock sugar into cold water (about 1000ml) and boil. After boiling for 5 minutes, turn off the heat, take out the red dates, and wait until the water cools down.

3. Prepare a square container of appropriate size and apply oil around the container (to make it easier to cut and remove the cake after it is steamed)

4. Spread 1 cm thick glutinous rice evenly on the bottom layer

5. Then spread a layer of mung beans and then a layer of glutinous rice.

6. Spread evenly a layer of red beans, a layer of red dates and peanuts (arranged crosswise)

7. Finally, spread a layer of glutinous rice evenly (note: compact each layer firmly)

8. Pour the cooled sugar water into the glutinous rice, wait until the water slowly seeps in, and the amount of water is finally 1-2 cm higher than the rice surface.

9. After starting to steam on high heat for 10 minutes, turn to low heat and steam for another 30 minutes and turn off the heat.

10. After cooling out of the pan, pour the cut cake into a large plate, cut into small pieces and serve (you can dip it in some sugar according to your personal taste)

Now that you know how to cut cakes in Xinjiang, here we want to remind you that before making it, you need to soak the glutinous rice for 4 to 5 hours in advance. When steaming for the first time, remember not to add water. After the first steaming, add some hot water. Also remember to press it down with something heavy after finishing, so that it will be more porcelain.