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How to make fresh cream How to make fresh cream

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Many people like to eat butter. Butter has high nutritional value and is also very high in calories. Eating it for a long time will cause obesity in the human body. Therefore, it is best to choose it in moderation. So do you know how to make fresh cream?

The method of making fresh cream is relatively simple, and different production methods make it taste different. The following is a detailed introduction to the method of making fresh cream.

How to make fresh cream:

1. Beat 4 egg whites until they look like this (there is a small layer of tiny bubbles on top of the egg whites).

2. Add a little salt, a drop of white vinegar, and a spoonful of sugar (the spoon is an ordinary small iron spoon), and continue to beat the egg whites.

3. When the egg whites are a little thick (that is, it feels like the egg whites you beat are like the foam of shower gel), add a spoonful of sugar and continue beating.

4. After that, when you feel it is thicker than the egg white in step 3, add a spoonful of sugar and continue beating.

5. After step 4, beat for about 10 minutes. Try to use a whisk to lift the egg whites you have beaten. If the egg whites can stand up, it means your cream has been beaten.

Tips for making homemade whipped cream:

1. The production method is very simple, you just need to be patient.

2. When making cream, try to choose a large bowl, because when beating the egg whites, many small foams will slowly come out on the egg whites, which means more and more cream will be beaten.

3. The amount of whipped cream will be relatively large and may not be used up at one time, so you can put the remaining cream into a well-sealed fresh-keeping box (must have a lid) or put it into a fresh-keeping bag and then put the bag Tie the mouth shut and place in the refrigerator. You can pour it out when you use it next time. At this time, the cream you started to beat will become like egg whites. You can use a whisk to beat it for about 3 minutes and it will become the previous cream again (at this time There is no need to add anything)

Through the above introduction, I believe everyone already has some understanding of how to make fresh cream, so you can follow the above method when making it. The making method is very simple, but the skills are equally important.