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Herbal tea paired with garden flowers and plants

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Making tea is very simple. Put a handful of tea leaves in a cup, brew the water with the right temperature, cover the cup, and simmer for a few minutes. A cup of fragrant tea will be brewed, and you can enjoy it slowly next to the TV. . Nowadays, we pay attention to health care. In addition to tea, you can also drink many flowers and plants, such as the well-known wolfberry, chrysanthemum, etc., which not only saves time but also protects your health.

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that a single drug cannot cure a disease, and the same applies to herbal tea. To achieve the purpose of health preservation, it must be well matched. What kind of herbal tea is reasonable? Because individual physiques are different, it must vary from person to person and cannot be customized. Drink well and drink accordingly, and find what suits you.

Herbal tea refers to an herbal drink that produces an aromatic taste by decoction or brewing the roots, stems, leaves, flowers or bark of the plant. Since each flower and grass has its own properties, taste, and effects, if used properly, herbal tea does have certain health effects, but drinking it is only for a period of time and needs to be adjusted according to your own physique. Sometimes you drink too much It can also cause physical discomfort.

When it comes to the combination of herbal tea, in terms of nature and taste, most edible flowers and plants are warm, cold or neutral in nature. Edible flowers and plants that are warm in nature mainly include plum blossoms, jasmine, roses, roses, saffron, etc.; edible flowers and plants that are cold in nature include prunella vulgaris, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, sophora japonica, etc.; flowers and plants that are neutral in nature mainly include Albizia julibrissin, corn silk, etc. Hibiscus, lavender, etc. When matching, it is best not to eat flowers and plants with warm medicinal properties together with flowers and plants with cold properties. In terms of efficacy, if lavender has the effect of calming the mind and nourishing the body, if you drink the more refreshing herbal tea with lavender, the effect will be weakened;

Although herbal tea is a health-care tea, it also has certain medicinal value. Everyone must understand their physical condition when drinking it. If you have a hot constitution, drink cold herbal tea. If you have a cold constitution, drink cold herbal tea. For hot herbal teas, those with normal body constitution should drink herbal teas with mild properties. Otherwise, everyone will be worse off.