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Homemade recipe for crab porridge

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I believe everyone is not too unfamiliar with crabs. Crabs are a common ingredient for us. Crabs not only look good but also taste quite good. Crab meat is rich in protein and a variety of trace elements that our body needs. , Eating crabs regularly can have very good health effects. In addition to the edible crab meat, the crab paste can also be eaten. Below we introduce the home-made method of crab paste porridge.

1. Cream crab: Break off the two large claws and use a brush to clean the mud inside and outside. Crab gills etc. removed.

2. Cut into small pieces

3. Crush the crab claws for convenience. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and marinate for a while. When the porridge is cooked until a little thick, put the crabs into the pot and cook together.

4. Clam: Soak and change water. Rinse the sediment and set aside.

5. Boil scallops, shredded ginger and rice together. After boiling, add a little sesame oil to enhance the aroma and prevent the porridge from overflowing.

6. The porridge is slightly thick, you can add crabs at this time.

7. Put the crab into the pot and continue to boil over low heat. Stir occasionally to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan!

8. When the porridge is almost ready, add the clams.

9. After adding it, cook for another seven or eight minutes. Add a little salt, sugar, pepper and a few drops of sesame oil according to personal taste. Finally sprinkle with coriander.

10. Because I don’t like to eat coriander, I didn’t put it in, hehe. . . Delicious crab porridge

In the above article, we introduced what crabs are. We know that crabs are not only good-looking but also very delicious. Eating crabs regularly can improve human immunity and supplement nutrition. The above article introduces us in detail to crab porridge. Homely practice.