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What can’t be eaten with tofu? Tofu cannot be eaten with other vegetables

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Tofu is rich in nutrients, and its digestion and absorption rate reaches more than 95%; two small pieces of tofu can meet a person's daily calcium requirement. If tofu is not paired well, it will affect your health. So what should you not eat with tofu?

1. Tofu should not be eaten with foods high in oxalic acid.

The reason is that tofu contains high calcium, and calcium and oxalic acid can produce insoluble or incompatible calcium oxalate, which affects the absorption of calcium. For example, spinach, bamboo shoots, amaranth, etc. contain high oxalic acid, but if the cooking method is changed, it is still OK. For example, if you put spinach, bamboo shoots and other foods high in oxalic acid through boiling water, most of the oxalic acid can be removed and its impact can be reduced.

2. It is best not to cook tofu with spinach.

Spinach is rich in nutrients and is known as the "King of Vegetables". However, spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid. Every 100 grams of spinach contains about 300 mg of oxalic acid. Tofu contains more calcium. If both enter the human body at the same time, they can Chemical changes occur in the body and produce insoluble calcium oxalate. Stones in the human body are formed by the deposition of insoluble calcium salts such as calcium oxalate and calcium carbonate. Therefore, it is best not to eat spinach and tofu together.

3. In addition, tofu should not be eaten together with wild rice. Eating them together can easily form stones.

4. Eating honey and tofu together may cause diarrhea.

What can’t be eaten with tofu? I hope the above answers can help you. In addition, tofu should be mixed with such foods, such as scrambled eggs with tofu, tofu with minced meat, roasted tofu with sliced ??meat, etc. Eating it in this way can improve the utilization of the protein in tofu.