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How to make banana barley porridge?

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The nutritional components of Coix seed

  • heat quantity(kilocalorie)
  • 357
  • fat(gram)
  • 3.3
  • protein(gram)
  • 12.8
  • carbohydrate(gram)
  • 69.1
  • dietary fiber(gram)
  • 2
  • thiamine(mg)
  • 0.22
  • calcium(mg)
  • 42
  • riboflavin(mg)
  • 0.15
  • magnesium(mg)
  • 88
  • niacin(mg)
  • 2
  • iron(mg)
  • 3.6
  • manganese(mg)
  • 1.37
  • vitamin E(mg)
  • 2.08
  • zinc(mg)
  • 1.68
  • copper(mg)
  • 0.29
  • Carotene(mcg)
  • 1.6
  • potassium(mg)
  • 238
  • phosphorus(mg)
  • 217
  • retinol equivalent(mcg)
  • 11.2
  • sodium(mg)
  • 3.6
  • selenium(mcg)
  • 3.07

Bananas are a fruit that we often eat in our lives. They are cold in nature. Eating some bananas in the winter season can relieve constipation and moisturize the intestines. At the same time, it can promote gastrointestinal digestion. Many friends have the phenomenon of food accumulation after meals. At this time, you can Use bananas to help everyone solve these problems. The banana peels left after eating bananas can also be used to clean the glass to ensure it is clear and translucent. Let’s learn how to make banana barley porridge.

Main ingredients

Pineapple (half) barley (appropriate amount) glutinous rice (appropriate amount) japonica rice (appropriate amount)


Rock sugar (appropriate amount)

kitchen utensils

Electric pressure cooker


Summer recipe staple fruity cooking for one hour easy difficulty

1 1 Peel the pineapple and remove the black scars (they had already removed the skin for me when I bought it)

2 2Cut the pineapple into small pieces

3. Soak the cut pieces in light salt water for half an hour.

4 4 Wash several kinds of rice and soak them for 1 hour (barley is more resistant to cooking, so soaking it for a little longer is better)

5 5 After soaking, pour the rice into the electric pressure cooker

6 6Pour away the light salt water in which the pineapples were soaked, rinse them, and pour them into the pot as well.

7 7 Add appropriate amount of water, add rock sugar, and cook for an hour using an electric pressure cooker

8 8 After cooking, let it dry for a while and then you can drink it.

1. Wash the barley kernels and soak them in cold water for 3 hours (prepared from 2 o'clock^_^);

2. Wash the japonica rice and soak it in cold water for half an hour;

3. Wash the wolfberries, soak them in warm water until soft, and slice the bananas;

4. Pour cold water into the pot, pour in the barley and japonica rice in turn, bring to a boil over high heat, add the wolfberry, and simmer over low heat for 45 minutes;

5. Add rock sugar, stir to dissolve, add bananas, simmer over low heat for 20 minutes, and you’re done!

The porridge is so fragrant, sweet but not greasy, and delicious. Girls who like bananas can give it a try! Next time I will try to make rose sago dew, longan and wolfberry porridge, etc., haha, it will definitely be fun and delicious^_^

Nowadays, many elderly friends often suffer from constipation and find it very inconvenient to go to the toilet. So this banana and barley porridge can help everyone solve these problems and taste fresh food while eating bananas. Delicious whole grains provide the body with a good nourishing effect on qi and blood.