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What are the recipes and nutritional value of longan, red dates and black rice porridge?

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The nutritional components of black rice

  • heat quantity(kilocalorie)
  • 333
  • fat(gram)
  • 2.5
  • protein(gram)
  • 9.4
  • carbohydrate(gram)
  • 68.3
  • dietary fiber(gram)
  • 3.9
  • thiamine(mg)
  • 0.33
  • calcium(mg)
  • 12
  • riboflavin(mg)
  • 0.13
  • magnesium(mg)
  • 147
  • niacin(mg)
  • 7.9
  • iron(mg)
  • 1.6
  • manganese(mg)
  • 1.72
  • vitamin E(mg)
  • 0.22
  • zinc(mg)
  • 3.8
  • copper(mg)
  • 0.15
  • Carotene(mcg)
  • 1.6
  • potassium(mg)
  • 256
  • phosphorus(mg)
  • 356
  • retinol equivalent(mcg)
  • 14.3
  • sodium(mg)
  • 7.1
  • selenium(mcg)
  • 3.2

Porridge is a food we often eat. Most people eat porridge for breakfast. Of course, there is no fixed or limited time for eating porridge. You can make it as long as you want to eat porridge. The types of porridge use different materials, such as The longan, red dates and black rice porridge we eat is not difficult to make. You only need to prepare the ingredients to make the porridge. The method of making porridge is the same as other porridges, and it is also rich in nutrients. So what are the recipes and nutritional value of longan, red dates and black rice porridge?



Black rice; rice; red dates; dried longan;

Production Method:

1. Wash black rice and rice and soak in water for half an hour.

2. Rinse the dried red dates and longan with water.

3. Add the black rice and rice to the ceramic pot, add an appropriate amount of water, bring to a boil over medium heat, add the red dates and dried longans, turn to low heat and simmer for about 45 minutes (just simmer according to your preference).

Nutritional value:

Nutritionists have found that every 100 grams of longan pulp contains 12% to 23% of total sugar, 26.91% of glucose, 1.26% of tartaric acid, 1.41% of protein, 0.45% of fat, 163.7 mg of vitamin C, 196.6 mg of vitamin K, and more. There are vitamins B1, B2, P, etc., processed into dried fruit, containing 74.6 grams of sugar per 100 grams, 35 mg of iron, 2 mg of calcium, 110 mg of phosphorus, 1200 mg of potassium and other minerals, as well as a variety of amino acids, Saponin, X-glycine, tannins, choline, etc., which are the sources of its powerful nourishing power.

Longan is rich in glucose, sucrose, protein, etc., and has a relatively high iron content. It can increase heat energy and supplement nutrients while promoting hemoglobin regeneration, thereby achieving the effect of replenishing blood. Studies have found that in addition to its tonic effects on the whole body, longan meat is particularly effective on brain cells, enhancing memory and eliminating fatigue.

Because red dates have the effect of nourishing the skin and replenishing blood, if you often use red dates to cook porridge or soup, it can promote the body's hematopoiesis, effectively prevent anemia, and make our skin more and more rosy. Red dates are very rich in vitamin C and cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which can promote the metabolism of our skin cells, prevent melanin deposition, make our skin whiter and smoother, and achieve the beauty and skin care effect of whitening skin and removing freckles.

Black rice contains mostly 1 to 3 times more inorganic salts such as manganese, zinc, and copper than rice. It also contains special ingredients such as vitamin C, chlorophyll, anthocyanins, carotene, and cardiac glycosides that rice lacks. Therefore, black rice is higher than rice. Regular rice is more nutritious. Eating more black rice has the functions of appetizing and benefiting the heart, strengthening the spleen and warming the liver, improving eyesight and activating blood circulation, and smoothing and replenishing essence. It has a very good nourishing effect on young people with gray hair, women with postpartum weakness, physical weakness after illness, anemia, and kidney deficiency.

The recipe and nutritional value of longan, red dates and black rice porridge are explained in the article. It is simple to make delicious porridge. To understand its nutritional value, you must master the types of porridge materials. Both longan and red dates can be cooked. Food has many nutritional components and contains higher value. Black rice has more nutrients. Eating more can replenish qi and blood. After the body absorbs its nutrients, the value will be better. People who are weak can eat more. some.