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What kind of porridge is good to drink in winter?

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Many people like to drink some porridge in winter. Drinking porridge is indeed a very good habit. We can try to make wolfberry and red date porridge. Wolfberry and red date porridge can effectively help us improve our own immunity. It can also It effectively helps our female friends regulate their own problems of qi and blood imbalance. I believe you will be particularly interested in what kind of porridge is good to drink in winter.

First: Red Dates and Black Sesame Porridge

Ingredients: red dates, black sesame seeds, rice

Method: Remove the impurities from the black sesame seeds, remove the pits from the red dates and slice them for later use; put the rice into boiling water, and after boiling, add the prepared black sesame seeds and red dates, and the porridge is ready.

Efficacy: This recipe is rich in vitamin B and vitamin E. Women who drink more of it can improve skin elasticity and make the skin more delicate and elastic.

Second: Mushroom and chicken porridge

Ingredients: chicken breast, mushrooms, rice, corn, carrots, salt

Method: Wash the carrots and set aside, slice the mushrooms and set aside; slice the chicken breasts and set aside; wash the rice and put it into the pot. After the water boils, add the prepared carrots, mushrooms, chicken breasts and corn kernels; cook while Stir the porridge while stirring. This will not only avoid sticking to the pot, but also make the food cook faster. Finally, add a small amount of salt and you can start the pot, men and women. It is very suitable for the elderly and children.

Efficacy: Regular consumption of this porridge can improve the body's immunity and reduce the possibility of disease. At the same time, it also has a good effect of nourishing qi and nourishing yin.

It is very easy to suffer from influenza in winter. Drinking more red dates and wolfberry porridge can effectively help us improve our immunity. We can also drink more mung bean porridge. Mung bean porridge can effectively help us achieve the effect of dredging and softening blood vessels. Effectively helps elderly friends with blood vessel blockage problems.