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Can Qi Xue and capsules be taken during menstrual period?

2023-07-21 source:internet [ typeface:big medium small ]

Whether you can take Qi Xue and capsules during menstrual period depends on your individual menstrual flow, so you should avoid blind use of medicines.

Qi Xue He Capsule is a common Chinese patent medicine. Its medicinal ingredients mainly include angelica root, achyranthes root, and black root. It has the functions of soothing the liver, regulating qi, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. It is mainly used to treat oligomenorrhea, postmenstrual irregularity and menstrual cramps in women. If you have the above symptoms, you can take this medicine during menstruation for conditioning and treatment. However, if your menstrual flow is normal or heavy, avoid taking it during menstruation to prevent it from increasing menstrual blood volume and prolonging your menstrual period.

Qi Xue and capsules need to be used by professional doctors after syndrome differentiation and treatment. Avoid buying them privately and then blindly taking them to prevent adverse reactions.