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When to drink Shenghua Decoction? What are the effects and functions of Shenghua Decoction?

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If you want to know when to drink Shenghua Decoction, you must first understand what Shenghua Decoction is. Shenghua Decoction is a postpartum medicinal soup that has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting muscle growth and relieving pain. It is generally consumed by pregnant women after giving birth. Yes, because it has a very good impact on the uterus and can help the contraction of uterine smooth muscles and restore the impact of childbirth on the uterus as soon as possible.

Shenghua decoction also has anti-thrombotic effects, is very good for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Therefore, many places pay special attention to giving Shenghua decoction to pregnant women. Many friends know this soup, but when is the best time to drink it? Okay, but everyone needs to understand it carefully, but Shenghua Decoction has great medicinal effects. Not all pregnant women can take it. For specific details, you need to consult a doctor before you can eat it with confidence. Let’s learn more about Shenghua Decoction. Soup related content.

Effects of Shenghua Decoction

First, let’s look at the composition of Shenghua Decoction: Angelica sinensis, Chuanxiong rhizome, peach heart, roasted ginger, and roasted licorice. Among them, Angelica sinensis can nourish and replenish blood, Ligusticum chuanxiong can promote and activate blood circulation, and Peach Heart can break blood and remove blood stasis. The purpose of the whole prescription is to nourish and activate blood, replenish blood and remove lochia after childbirth.

From the perspective of Western medicine, after the fetus and placental tissue are delivered, the uterus relies on muscle contraction to compress the blood vessels and stop bleeding. If the contraction is not good, these blood vessels will continue to open and cause bleeding. If blood clots form and accumulate in the uterine cavity, The contraction of the uterine muscle layer will become worse and the bleeding will worsen, so maintaining the contraction of the uterine muscle layer is the most important. Western medicine treatments are the same for natural births and caesarean sections, relying on uterine massage and drugs to help uterine contractions. Whether to give uterotonic drugs depends on the quality of uterine contraction, which is about 2 to 3 days after delivery.

Next, the endometrium layer must be rebuilt and regenerated, which is related to future pregnancy. This process begins 2 to 3 days after delivery. Except for the part where the placenta was implanted, the rest of the endometrium is mostly regenerated. It is completed within 7 to 10 days after delivery; the endometrial regeneration in the placental implantation part is a bit more complicated. The thrombus in this part must be peeled off before the new endometrium can grow completely. The peeling process usually takes about 2 weeks, sometimes even 6 weeks. The real function of biochemical soup lies in this period.

When to start drinking biochemical soup?

The thrombus in the endometrium at the place where the placenta originally implanted is peeled off (activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis), and a new endometrium can be rebuilt. Therefore, the time to drink Shenghua Decoction is about 2 to 3 days after delivery (before that, uterine massage or uterine contraction drugs are used to make the uterus contract. Of course, I am not opposed to drinking it immediately after delivery), and it lasts until about 7 to 10 days.

All in all, do not exceed 2 weeks after delivery, because after that, Shenghua Decoction will have a negative impact on the regeneration of the endometrium. It will make the new endometrium unstable and cause bleeding. This is also the most common side effect of Shenghua Tang. In the outpatient clinic, some people complained that the bleeding continued. After asking, most of them were caused by drinking Shenghua Decoction for a whole month.

Do you want to drink biochemical soup?

After understanding the principle of endometrium regeneration, it depends on your own understanding whether you want to drink biochemical soup. In Taiwan, most hospitals do not prohibit drinking Shenghua Decoction (in fact, it is not necessary during postpartum hospitalization, because uterine contractions are important during these 2 to 3 days). We are just opposed to drinking Shenghua Decoction for a whole month (because 2 After a few weeks, Shenghua Decoction will be detrimental to the regenerated endometrium and will cause bleeding easily.) If you don’t want to drink it, don’t drink it. Western medicine has no alternative medicine, just take a good rest.

After drinking the Shenghua Decoction, it is the time to start eating sesame oil chicken, because at this time the endometrium has been rebuilt, and the wounds (natural perineal wounds, caesarean section wounds) have mostly healed completely; only then can you start using sesame oil and wine. . If you choose not to eat Shenghua Soup, please only start eating sesame oil chicken wine at this time (at least 12 days after delivery).

Drink sesame oil chicken wine after giving birth

The most important meaning of drinking sesame oil chicken wine during confinement is that in ancient times, women often had the lowest status in the family, and most women were in a state of malnutrition for a long time. , it is a legitimate opportunity to rest and replenish qi and blood. Modern people often have excess calories. I strongly agree with confinement to recuperate Qi and blood, but blindly supplementing calories will only lead to obesity.

A balanced diet and proper rest are necessary, and calories do not equal nutrition. Therefore, I often "warn" my mothers to learn about the nutritional content and calories contained in food, carefully choose what you eat, and don't eat a bunch of foods with no nutritional value but only calories, which will cause a burden on the body.

Everyone knows when to drink Shenghua Decoction. If you also want to use Shenghua Decoction to regulate your body, then consult a doctor first to see if your constitution can take it. If so, then Shenghua Decoction is very good.