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How to consume olive oil better? How to consume olive oil

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The nutritional components of Olive

  • heat quantity(kilocalorie)
  • 49
  • fat(gram)
  • 0.2
  • protein(gram)
  • 0.8
  • carbohydrate(gram)
  • 11.1
  • dietary fiber(gram)
  • 4
  • thiamine(mg)
  • 0.01
  • calcium(mg)
  • 49
  • riboflavin(mg)
  • 0.01
  • magnesium(mg)
  • 10
  • niacin(mg)
  • 0.7
  • iron(mg)
  • 0.2
  • vitamin C(mg)
  • 6
  • manganese(mg)
  • 0.48
  • zinc(mg)
  • 0.25
  • vitamin A(mcg)
  • 22
  • Carotene(mcg)
  • 0.8
  • potassium(mg)
  • 23
  • phosphorus(mg)
  • 18
  • retinol equivalent(mcg)
  • 83.1
  • selenium(mcg)
  • 0.35

Olive oil has a history of thousands of years in countries along the Mediterranean Sea. It is known in the West as "liquid gold", "vegetable oil queen", and "Mediterranean nectar" because of its excellent natural health effects, beauty effects and ideal cooking properties. use. High-grade olive oil for consumption is a natural fruit juice extracted from first-ripe or mature olive fruits through a physical cold pressing process. It is the only woody vegetable oil in the world that is available for human consumption in its natural state. So, how to consume olive oil better?

How to consume olive oil better? How to consume olive oil

How to consume olive oil

1. Drinking:

Drinking a tablespoon (about 15 ml) of virgin olive oil directly when you get up in the morning or before going to bed at night can lower blood lipids and blood sugar, treat gastrointestinal diseases (such as eliminating chronic constipation), and reduce the formation of arterial thrombosis, especially for the elderly and It is especially beneficial for patients with high blood pressure and heart disease. After taking this method for a few weeks, some originally abnormal physiological indicators will be significantly improved. For those who drink alcohol frequently, if you drink 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil before drinking, it will protect your stomach and intestines from damage. Drinking two teaspoons of virgin olive oil every morning on an empty stomach can eliminate chronic constipation.

2. Cold salad:

Olive oil can be directly mixed with various meat and vegetable dishes and pasta, can be used to make salads and various mayonnaises, and can be spread on bread and other foods. Food mixed with olive oil has a bright color, smooth taste, fragrant smell, and a rich Mediterranean flavor.

3. Spread the bread:

Breakfast has always been a big problem for Chinese people, which can be improved with olive oil. Toast the sliced ??bread you bought in a toaster or microwave for 2-3 minutes, take it out, and apply olive oil directly on it. You can also add honey. It tastes amazing. Children can easily accept this way of eating, and it is All the vitamins you need for the day are available. Another way to eat it is to remove the seeds from the tomatoes, cut them into very small cubes, and mix them with olive oil. You can add salt or not. Spread this olive oil tomato sauce on toasted bread slices. It is nutritious. , and delicious. There is a simpler way to eat it, pour some olive oil on a plate, sprinkle a little salt, and eat it with toasted or untoasted bread.

4. Mix salad:

You can wash all your favorite vegetables, including red, yellow, or green bell peppers, celery, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, etc., dry them, cut them into the shapes you like, pour in olive oil first, and stir (this will prevent the vegetables from The amount of olive oil should be enough to cover all the vegetables with a layer of oil, then add an appropriate amount of vinegar (grape vinegar is the most suitable) and salt, mix well and serve. If you add some canned tuna and other seafood to the vegetables, it will add a lot of flavor. Eating this way is easy to make, does not cause any fumes, and is very healthy.

5. Frying:

Various foods can be fried with olive oil. Olive oil is resistant to high temperatures and has strong antioxidant capacity. The remaining oil after frying food will not turn black, contain impurities and sediments. No matter how many times it is fried, the oil remains as clear as new and the fried food is crispy and delicious. Especially when used to fry fish and meat, it not only tastes fragrant and delicious. Because olive oil expands easily when heated, the dosage is about 1/3 less than other cooking oils.

6. Cooking:

Olive oil can be directly boiled, stewed, stewed, and simmered with various meat and vegetable dishes. The dishes seasoned with olive oil are delicious and unique in flavor, and will never feel greasy like ordinary oils when eaten. Adding appropriate amount of olive oil to hot pot seasoning can increase the fragrance and sweetness of the food.