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These foods reduce internal heat and are good foods and fruits for internal organs.

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In the scorching summer weather, it is easy for the body to get angry, and more often than not it is due to a deficiency of fire. If the virtual fire is not extinguished, the five internal organs will be damaged. It can easily lead to sores in the mouth and tongue, dryness and irritability. It can easily cause symptoms such as heat in the hands, feet, and heart, dryness of the mouth and throat, fear of heat and preference for coldness, insomnia, and oral ulcers. Especially those with strong liver fire are prone to physical weakness. So how to deal with the symptoms of fire, let’s take a look below.

(1) Type with strong lung fire:

The main symptoms are dryness and discomfort in the mouth, lips, tongue, and pharynx. Western medicine believes that it is a symptom of lack of vitamin B2, so you can take vitamin B2 or eat some foods rich in vitamin B2; it is recommended to boil pear water with rock sugar and add some white fungus, lotus seeds, and lily, which is delicious and can nourish yin and reduce lung fire.

(2) Gastrointestinal heat type:

The main symptoms are abdominal distension, bad breath, and constipation. If the symptoms are not severe, you can take Jianweixiaoshi tablets. If the symptoms are severe, you can use Baohe pills. For dietary therapy, you can eat some cucumbers, bitter melons, etc.

(3) Type with strong liver fire:

The main symptoms are blurred vision, dry eyes, tinnitus, and excessive secretions in the eyes. Treat it with Longdan Xiegan Pills, and eat some shepherd's purse, rape or tomatoes as a dietary therapy.

(4) Strong heart fire type:

The main symptoms are irritability, insomnia, and sores on the mouth and tongue. Excessive heart fire in thin people is mostly due to yin deficiency and disharmony between the heart and kidneys. Sanhuang Tablets and Liuwei Dihuang Pills can be used to treat this. You can usually boil water with bamboo cores and drink it to reduce the heart fire.

In terms of diet, it is advisable to have a light diet and eat less greasy, thick-flavored and dry foods, especially chili peppers, onions, garlic, etc. It is advisable to eat more sweet and moist products, such as milk, honey, eggs, sea cucumbers, white fungus, etc. Yin deficiency often generates internal heat, and thin people often suffer from irritability, dry mouth and sore throat, hypersexuality and other endogenous phenomena of deficiency heat. Therefore, while nourishing, you should also pay attention to clearing the deficiency fire. You can choose to eat Clam Ophiopogon japonicus decoction. , chrysanthemum meat slices, etc.

1. Spleen deficiency and liver disease - eat more foods that strengthen the spleen and replenish qi.

Symptoms of internal heat: fatigue, lack of food, abdominal distension, swelling and pain in both flanks, loose stools, etc. The cause is mostly due to weak spleen and excessive liver qi, which affects the function of the spleen.

Foods that reduce fire: Eat more foods that can strengthen the spleen and replenish qi, such as lentils, sorghum, barley, buckwheat, chestnuts, lotus seeds, gorgon seeds, yams, jujubes, carrots, cabbage, pumpkins, citrus, oranges, etc. Food is mainly to strengthen the spleen and regulate qi.

2. Liver stagnation and qi stagnation - eat more foods that soothe the liver and regulate qi.

Symptoms of internal heat: frequent sighing, swelling and pain in the chest and hypochondrium, etc. The causes of liver stagnation and qi stagnation are mostly caused by depression, mental stimulation or a history of mental trauma.

Foods that reduce fire: You can eat more foods that can soothe the liver and regulate qi, such as celery, basil, tomatoes, radish, oranges, grapefruit, citrus, citron, bergamot, etc.

It is necessary to adopt counseling methods to treat the cause, and it is also necessary to regulate the mind and emotions.

3. Liver fire inflammation - eat more liver-clearing and heat-relieving foods

Symptoms of internal heat: excessive sleep, red and swollen eyes, bitter mouth and thirst, etc. The causes are mostly due to long-term stagnation of liver qi, excessive smoking and drinking, or overeating sweet, fatty and spicy food.

Foods that reduce fire: Eat an appropriate amount of foods that can clear the liver and relieve heat, such as bitter melon, bitter vegetables, tomatoes, mung beans, mung bean sprouts, soybean sprouts, celery, cabbage, cabbage, daylily, rape, loofah, plums, green plums, hawthorns and citrus wait. You should also quit smoking, limit alcohol intake, and avoid eating sweet, fatty, and spicy foods.