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Four foods that are harmful to health when eaten with the skin on! Potatoes, sweet potatoes and water chestnuts

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You must have heard that the skins of fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and active ingredients. Therefore, you must eat fruits and vegetables with their skins on so that your body can absorb them all. Eating this way seems to absorb "all the nutrients" of the food, but some "restless elements" may also get involved and be eaten together.


Classic dishes such as potato stewed beef and ground delicacies are frequent guests on people's tables. Many people will boil potatoes with their skins on, thinking that all problems will be solved after the high temperature. actually not. Potatoes contain a substance called "solanine" to resist pests and diseases. The content of solanine in potato skins is relatively high, which can cause poisoning when it accumulates to a certain amount in the body. In particular, potatoes with green skin and sprouts contain higher solanine content. Excessive consumption can cause a series of gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea and vomiting. Therefore, potatoes must be peeled and cooked before eating. 2. Sweet
potatoes are rich in nutrients, but they are alkaline foods. Eating too much will cause "heartburn". The skin of sweet potatoes contains more alkali. If you often eat sweet potatoes with the skin on, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Sweet potato skins with brown and dark brown spots may be infected by "black spot pathogen", which may cause poisoning after eating. 3. Water chestnuts

Water chestnuts are sweet, crisp and refreshing, and are many people’s favorite. However, water chestnut skins may contain parasites such as Fasciolopsis ginger, and eating uncleanly washed water chestnut skins can also lead to disease. 4. Ginkgo
Although Ginkgo has many benefits, it is slightly poisonous and should not be eaten in excess. In particular, the peel contains toxic substances such as "white fruit acid". Excessive consumption will damage the central nervous system and cause poisoning. Not only do you have to peel off the inner skin when eating, but don’t eat too much even if it’s cooked ginkgo meat.
In addition, due to the large amount of chemical fertilizers used now, nitrate pollution of fruits and vegetables will be serious. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone peel and eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Especially fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, grapes, etc., which have a better taste the longer they are cultivated, often have many microorganisms, pesticides, etc. remaining on their skins. So there’s no need to risk your health for a little nutrition.