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What are the effects of barley tea? What are the functions, effects and side effects of barley tea?

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China has attached great importance to tea-drinking culture since ancient times. Barley tea is a special kind of tea. It is very popular among the people. It not only has a very rich wheat flavor, but also has many effects, which are good for the human body. Both health and beauty are beneficial. Now, experts will tell us about the effects of barley tea. Let’s learn about the effects of barley tea.

We all know that there are many types of tea, and the effects of different teas are also very different. In normal times, people who like to drink tea may wish to understand the various effects of tea, and then choose according to their own needs. So, what are the effects of barley tea? Let’s find out below.

Efficacy: Whitening, regulating the stomach and intestines, helping digestion. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Barley is sweet and neutral in nature. It can remove food and treat bloating, eliminate food accumulation, calm the stomach and quench thirst, relieve summer heat, replenish qi and regulate qi, and widen the chest." , tonify deficiency, strengthen blood vessels, benefit color, strengthen the five internal organs, and transform grains." Barley tea contains 17 kinds of trace elements needed by the human body, more than 19 kinds of amino acids, and is rich in multiple vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, protein and Dietary fiber meets people's needs to return to nature and pursue health.

The barley tea production process is advanced, the product is excellent, does not contain any additives, and has medical and health care effects. Barley tea is a traditional drink. Cold drinks can prevent heatstroke and cool down, while hot drinks can help digestion, relieve greasiness, nourish the stomach, warm the stomach, and strengthen the stomach. Long-term drinking can benefit from beauty and weight loss. Barley tea is a purely natural health drink suitable for all seasons and people of all ages.

The experts above briefly introduced the effects of barley tea. We know that it can regulate the stomach and intestines, help digestion, and can also help lose weight and improve the skin. It is a very good health drink. You may wish to drink it in moderation. Drink barley tea, but do not drink too much, otherwise it may cause diarrhea.