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What to eat in Beginning of Summer

2024-03-18 source:internet [ typeface:big medium small ]

With the continuous development of different social processes, people's diet has also undergone earth-shaking changes. What should we eat during the four festivals of the year? What should we eat at the beginning of summer? So this is also a question that troubles everyone, but It doesn't matter, this can be solved, and precisely because of this, everyone will look for some better food to spend this hot summer.

Then this Beginning of Summer is also good, because there are more ingredients in this season and there are more varieties, which just meets people’s needs. At this time, everyone will look for some more economical and affordable ingredients, and the following is about what to eat in Beginning of Summer data of.

Bitter melon reduces fire

The rising temperature and dryness in summer can easily make people suffer from internal heat, especially modern people prefer to eat spicy food. Therefore, in order to avoid getting internal heat in summer, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet in order to reduce internal heat. Everyone knows that bitter melon can reduce fire, especially the bitterer the bitter melon, the better the effect of reducing fire. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone eat more bitter melon if they want to maintain health in summer.

Strawberry detoxification

In summer, because there are too many foods and other plants growing, some people are prone to poisoning. Therefore, it is necessary to eat more foods that can automatically detoxify for dietary therapy. Strawberries have this effect. Strawberries not only have common functions, but also promote wound healing. Therefore, it is a good thing to eat more strawberries in summer.

Lettuce aeration

In summer, because the weather is hot, it is easy to retain qi. For people in this regard, eating more lettuce is the best thing. Because we all know that lettuce can promote the fortune of the intestinal wall, facilitate the digestive tract, and treat constipation. Therefore, in summer, if you feel suffocated or have constipation, eating lettuce is a good choice.

Lotus seeds nourish the heart

In summer, because of the hot weather, it is easy to put a lot of pressure on the heart. Therefore, in summer, we must pay special attention to the protection and maintenance of the heart. Therefore, in summer, you should eat more nourishing foods, such as lotus seeds. Lotus seeds often appear in ancient works and are used to nourish the heart and calm the mind.

Octopus replenishes blood

It’s hot in summer and it’s easy to feel dizzy, which can easily lead to poor blood supply. At this time, you should also pay attention to replenishing blood. Therefore, it is good to eat more blood-rich foods. Octopus is a good choice. But eat more octopus. For example, you can buy some online and eat them, especially for people in inland places.

peas for bowel cleansing

In summer, because of the hot weather, you choose to eat too much food, which causes some food to accumulate in the intestines and cannot be digested. At this time, it is recommended to eat some intestinal-cleansing foods, such as beans, especially peas. It can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine and make the intestinal function more efficient.

Duck eggs calcium supplement

Everyone should know that in summer, there is a saying called summer supplement, that is, you have to eat duck eggs. In this way, not only will people not lose physical strength, but it will also make people feel more energetic and powerful. Therefore, for people who want to gain physical strength, eating duck eggs is very good, and duck eggs are a great calcium supplement food in summer.

Through the above understanding and introduction, everyone must have a certain understanding of what to eat in the Beginning of Summer. At the same time, I also hope that the above knowledge can be helpful. This is a way to increase people's knowledge about diet. But in daily life, it is better to eat more bland food because it is hotter in summer.